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Accountfully Client: Bare Bones Broth

Most of our relationships involve small to medium-sized businesses, and it’s always been an intentional choice. We love partnering with clients who run companies of this size—clients who are fully devoted to their professional purpose and those they serve. Accountfully clients motivate and inspire us on a daily basis and are a big reason why we love our jobs so much.

We have the privilege of working with exceptionally talented and creative people. Who are they? Why are they great? What do we do for them? From time to time, we highlight some of our favorite clients and share some of the ways we’ve been able to help them with their accounting tasks to free up time and energy to effectively operate their businesses.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

There’s always a little extra excitement in the office when we engage with clients who make something tasty. Let’s face it, we love sampling our clients’ products. But, in the case of Bare Bones Broth, we were equally excited about the vision co-founders Ryan and Katherine have for their product: Ryan is dedicated to transforming a kitchen staple into a celebrated “souperfood,” and Katherine is committed to educating the masses about the transformative properties of bone broth.

One of the first objectives we embarked on with Bare Bones was syncing their website sales to their accounting system. Ryan and Katherine were seeing a high number of sales online and needed a way to automate and integrate data between systems to create efficiencies and minimize data entry. Once implemented, they could run a report at any time in the month and see what was selling and through what channel. By removing this pain point and instituting better internal processes, the Bare Bones team shifted its focus and energy back to the things that drove Ryan and Katherine to jump into business in the first place.

We’re anticipate big things for Bare Bones and look forward to supporting their growth and success and enjoying their “souper” tasty broth!

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