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Accountfully Client: Squire Fox


Our clients are awesome. They motivate and inspire us on a daily basis and are a big reason why we love what we do. Since starting Accountfully, we’ve had the privilege of working with some pretty talented and creative people.

Who are they? Why are they great? What do we do for them? From time to time, we like to highlight some of our favorite local clients and share some of the ways we’ve been able to help them.

We have lots of clients that we’re proud of but there is a special handful that are creating such mind-blowingly impressive stuff that it takes our breath away. Squire Fox is one of those talented folks. Squire is a brilliant photographer whose clients include Target, Converse, Schwinn and Zappos.

We’ve been working with Squire since 2014. Squire was originally looking for tax strategy help—an important part of being a business owner. As our relationship grew, we also implemented a payroll system, something that many businesses need to consider when they start adding employees. Over time, Squire had a greater need for an advisory CFO. Together we worked closely to improve the accuracy of his financial reports and to implement quarterly financial statement reviews so his business would continue to prosper, as it has and will continue to do.

We work with our clients—together—as a team. We brainstorm. We troubleshoot. Heck, we even have a little fun. Our clients are our heroes: we celebrate their wins, problem-solve in their losses, and do everything in our power to prove that accounting doesn’t have to be a drag.

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