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Client Feature: JB Pr%f Alcohol Ice Cream

Recently featured in Food & Wine Magazine as a boozy ice cream maker that you need to know, Accountfully client, J.B.’s Pr%f, continues to receive high praise for their eclectic alcohol-infused ice cream flavors like peach whiskey, strawberry moonshine, and vanilla bourbon. We sat down with CEO and official taste tester, Jennifer Randall-Collins, to chat about her favorite flavors, outsourced accounting, and the ups and downs of running a business.

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What do you love about your role?

The taste testing process is the most fun part of the job. Sometimes I get caught up in the corporate side of things but my best days are those that I get to go out and do a sampling or taste test with some of our retail clients. Seeing a consumer’s face is great. The first thing they always say before they try it for the first time is, ‘you can’t freeze alcohol.’ But once they’ve tried it they say, ‘wow—where can I buy this!?’

What’s your favorite flavor?

That’s so tough—it changes with the seasons. In the summer I love the coconut rum and in the fall i love the apple moonshine and the caramel moonshine together. And my go-to is always the chocolate bourbon, it’s such a classic.

What’s the hardest thing about running a business?

Before I started working with Accountfully, it was understanding our cost of goods sold, cash flow, and managing inventory. Even though we had someone managing our books in-house, I felt like I was operating blindly and didn’t have access to the data I needed to help us grow and scale the business.

How has Accountfully helped you?

Accountfully has been an incredible resource for me. In addition to giving me greater access to the data and metrics I need for the day to day operations, I’m in a better place to make strategic decisions about things like cost of goods sold because they work with me. And most importantly, I trust the information. It’s reliable and I know that it’s up to date and accurate whenever I look at it. As a CEO, having a trustworthy team is a huge deal. This was previously keeping me up at night but I’m more relaxed now that I know I have a resource to go to.

Three words to describe your experience working with Accountfully?


What’s your advice to other business owners who considering outsourced accounting?

I should have hired Accountfully sooner and saved myself a lot of grief. When you’re running a business, especially when you have board members and investors to report to, an outsourced accounting team offers a level of transparency they really appreciate. I consider Accountfully part of the team and I know they’re reliable—there’s nothing more important than having a team you can count on.

What can we look forward to from J.B.’s Proof?

We’ll be releasing our fall 2017 flavors soon!


Accountfully works with food entrepreneurs to reviews and discusses their inventory and financials on a regular basis so they know when it’s time to fulfill orders, test new sales channels, and restock inventory. We standardize SKUs, report on cash flow, assist in the collections process, and account for MCBs, trade discounts and other fees discounted from retailer and distributor relationships. Want to see if outsourced accounting will make running a business easier? 

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