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Employee Spotlight: Chris Simon

Chris Simon is a core member of the Accountfully leadership team as Accounting Director. He earned his degree in Accounting from the College of Charleston and started his career journey as a bagger at Publix. Don’t be fooled by the prestigious title and successful track record streamlining financial reporting for start-ups, this new dad is a pretty laid back dude.

Employee Spotlight_Chris

First Job: Bagger at Publix.

Favorite way to unwind: Good dinner and bourbon.

Favorite part of working at Accountfully: Working with the people we have.

Song You Would Sing at Karaoke: “Take on Me” by Aha - I have sung this on a cruise ship in front of about 100 people when I was in college and could hit the high notes...Thankfully there is no video of this.


If you could go back in time, what year would you go to: Sometime in the late sixties to be able to see all the good concerts.

Spirit Animal: Bernie, my dog (see picture). He is large, hairy, and doesn't like to move around too much.



When you outsource your accounting with Accountfully, you have access to the expertise and advice that our team offers, like Chris. Tell us about your business, we would love to get you matched up with your very own pro team.

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