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Important 2020 Tax Filing Dates - They Are Arriving Soon

Hey tax procrastinators, it is go-time!  We are here to offer our friendly due date reminder for business and personal tax filing.  For the record, we don’t blame you for needing more time.  2020 was a tough year with a lot of changes and intricacies that may have made a more simple filing process a lot harder.  This is the week of S-Corp and Partnership extension filing, and we’re about 30 days away from the more common C-Corp and personal filing extension due date.

Tax Date Reminders

Here are the next big dates for those who filed 2020 extensions:


Wednesday, September 15th

S-Corps and Partnerships extensions due

Friday, October 15th

C-Corps and Personal extensions due


Make Next Year’s Taxes Less Reactive

If you are feeling like this was another mad dash to get your taxes filed in time (even with an extension), this may be a wake up call for you.  Taxes don’t have to be a scramble each year when you're on the proactive side of things.  Accountfully offers tax services for business and personal tax.  We wrangle 1099s and understand sales tax filing for companies that sell online, too.  


Here are few helpful tax related articles to consult in the meantime:



We hope these reminders, and how-to articles will help to make next year a little easier, and less rushed.  In the meantime, we are here to chat, if you’d like to see how outsourced accounting can help you.  Imagine - an easier, more accurate tax year!  It can be done.

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