Introducing the Accountfully Alliance

Being in the business of selling products is a tricky one. When your goal is just to share your amazing ideas and products to the world, the success doesn't always flow as easily once you are faced with the more technical (ahem - accounting and cash flow management) side of the process. You quickly learn that every step of the way; from raw ingredients or materials, to finished products, to final sale are all associated with a cost in each step. They add up a lot quicker than originally imagined in those daydreams of the charming corner muffin shop hosting thousands of happy customers.

Good design is good business.

Sometimes the consumer packaged good business owner just needs some ideas and inspiration to keep on trucking in the inventory world. It’s no secret that we are into sharing good information and offering resources to our fellow small business owner friends, so creating and managing groups seemed like a much needed next step. From webinars, to helpful articles, to informative podcasts and inspirational social media posts, we strive to be a bit of hope in the sometimes challenging world of entrepreneurship.

We would like to introduce our latest endeavor to offer a safe place for the CPG and inventory based business owner or stakeholder to collaborate, learn, support and vent as it comes to operational and accounting subject matter: the Accountfully Alliance.

The Two Flagship Groups

We have developed two groups - one on Facebook and one on LinkedIn. With the popularity of groups on social media becoming a more of a community gathering place, it made sense to start here. We have set both groups to be private, so that member posts and conversations are discreet and not visible to the general public. Both are easily accessible through a search, or by visiting our Accountfully business pages on each platform. A few simple questions, and you're in!

In addition to the posts being private, they are all moderated. No funny business allowed. We take this role and our effort to communicate good information seriously. This will not be a free-for-all for advertising and spammy content.

Content Plans

So we have the groups dialed in and set up, now what? Simple, we start the conversations and share the good stuff. We plan on posting links to great articles, answer FAQs from members and engage in productive conversations. We will also be posting insightful interviews with our clients and many operations and accounting stakeholders that can offer advice and experience to fellow members.

Join the Conversation

If you, or a colleague needs a place to engage with like minded business owners and stakeholders in the CPG world, join our groups. We look forward to hearing from you and being a solid resource for your endeavors.

The links to join are below:



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