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Employee Spotlight: Brad Nguyen

Employee Spotlight:  Brad Nguyen

Accountfully believes people are greater than numbers, and we are on a mission to prove it.  We enjoy featuring our eclectic employees with a spotlight that shows the world a bit more about them behind the outsourced accounting scenes.  

Brad Nguyen joins us from Houston, Texas, as one of our remote Accounting Managers.  Not only did he win the inaugural Accountfully Adventures contest with his epic Amsterdam swag shot, he has plans for another adventure that may just outdo it.  Dive in to learn more about Brad and see how he spends his time when he’s not crushing the numbers at work.

Brad’s Role at Accountfully:  

Brad is an Accounting Manager for Accountfully.

First job:  

Bagging groceries and collecting shopping carts at Albertson’s grocery store.

Favorite way to unwind after a busy day:  


Work-related accomplishment Brad is most proud of: 

Helping my previous employer in private equity to build, grow, and run an oil logistics company to a $733 million/year venture at their peak, and helping my staff from that venture to advance their careers to better jobs afterwards.

Favorite part of working at Accountfully: 

The family culture, a supportive team environment, and a true work/life balance.

Brad’s hero(es):  

My parents, because they immigrated to America with two young kids, and worked hard through education and grit to build a better life for my sister and I.

The song you better gear up to sing with Brad on Karaoke night:

End of the Road by Boyz II Men.

What makes Brad laugh the most:

Corny jokes, the cornier the better.

Previous Nicknames:  

In 9th grade when I started at a new high school, some kids thought I looked like a "Steve" and the nickname stuck.

Which animal Brad would be and why:

I would like to fly, so an Eagle would be my pick.  (We apologize in advance for the Steve Miller song most likely now stuck in your head)

Where Brad would travel to in his time machine:

I would travel back to college, because of the friends, community, and football games.

What Brad wants the world to know about him:  

One day I'd like to drive across the country with a camper and visit every national park with my wife. Looks like he's already got a head start on the picture taking, see below:

• • •

If you are interested in working alongside team members like Brad, you are in luck!  We are always seeking Accounting professionals in various roles.  Take a peek at our careers page for all of the details and to learn more about our workplace perks.

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