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Employee Spotlight: Kelsey Doddridge

Employee Spotlight:  Kelsey Doddridge

Accountfully believes people are greater than numbers, and we are on a mission to prove it.  We enjoy featuring our eclectic employees with a spotlight that shows the world a bit more about them behind the outsourced accounting scenes.  

Kelsey is a Senior Accountant based in the Charleston office and is a dog mom to two of the most precious pooches we have seen; Gizmo and Hamilton.  Let’s get to know a bit more about Kelsey when she isn't a busy senior accountant at the office.

First Job  

Server at an assisted living facility

Favorite Way to Unwind After a Busy Day

Running the bridge or taking my dogs to the Shem Creek boardwalk for a walk!

Kelsey enjoying the beautiful Charleston scenery

Favorite Part of Working at Accountfully

"The people! Everyone has been so nice and welcoming. It's definitely been a fun change of pace culture wise at work for me!"

What Kelsey Sings on Karaoke Night 

The most recent karaoke night was 80's Mercedes by Maren Morris with my friends!


Yep! My friends call me Kels or KD. 

Which Animal Kelsey Would Be and Why

Dolphins - I'm obsessed with them! I love the ocean so to be able to swim and hang out all day in the water would be ideal. 

Kelsey's dogs Gizmo and Hamilton

What Kelsey wants the world to know about her 

I'm a dog mama to Gizmo and Hamilton. I also enjoy paddle boarding, playing tennis, and volleyball. I am really close with my family and have five nieces and nephews.

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If you are interested in working alongside team members like Kelsey, you are in luck!  We are always seeking Accounting professionals in various roles.  Take a peek at our careers page for all of the details and to learn more about our workplace perks.

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