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eHouse is an eCommerce focused design and digital agency and is one of Accountfully’s longest standing clients. COO, Chris Quinn has outsourced many finance related tasks for many years, but was missing the strategic view or analysis to support growth based decisions. She was looking for not only a more efficient process that was supported by technology but also a system that allowed for more strategic decision making.

Over the years the company has refocused its niche from a standard UX/UI agency, to becoming a leading expert in Shopify Plus and eCommerce brands. The common theme in the eHouse/Accountfully relationship is consistent growth, mostly due to the time saved from being in the weeds with the numbers and the ability to leverage the tools and systems we provide.

We have vastly shaved down Chris’s time spent on day to day accounting, reducing time spent per week by 98%; a massive time savings that has allowed serious business growth through a typically challenging time.

What We Did

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Provided improved automation of tasks through cloud based systems.

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Set up and implemented systems to automate typical accounting tasks.

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Gathered financial data from the business to build out a template to work from.

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Implemented all of the business data into the Digital Agency workbook.

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Worked through hiring and sales scenarios to make hiring decisions for growth.

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Provided visual dashboards of metrics through Fathom.

The Impact

Not only did we gather the business data and implement systems to better manage it, we were able to focus time on planning scenarios that gave the typically risk averse COO the ability to make hiring decisions. These strategic hiring choices led to exceeding growth goals, year-over-year.

Having the data to use for strategic planning became essential through COVID shut downs, and allowed eHouse to pivot and refocus on employee retention, yet still grow through the year of uncertainty.  As an added bonus, being immersed in the cloud based and remote practices working with Accountfully, eHouse had the tools and confidence to hire and manage an increasing remote workforce.  Because they are able to hire remote talent, it has allowed for a focus in finding the correct fit for the company, ultimately increasing quality and efficiency of service delivery.

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Year-Over-Year Growth as a Three-Year Average


Increase in Business in an Industry Downturn Year (2020/COVID)


Reduction in COO’s Time Spent on Accounting on a Weekly Basis

“The tools allowed us to hit pause for a month, evaluate what was happening, and when we were fortunate enough to realize COVID was not going to hurt our business, but potentially help us grow our business, we were quickly able to jump in and pivot and exceed our growth goals and actually grew 55% over the previous year, during COVID, because of the systems Accountfully had in place for us. This was fulfilling for us as business owners to not only protect jobs but also create new ones during a time of such uncertainty.”

“When would I recommend a company hiring someone like Accountfully? Day One. Because, I think finances can be turned into like, your kitchen junk drawer. They get messy, really fast.”

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