Resources to help you navigate the business changes arising from the COVID-19 pandemic

Accountfully knows that good information can grow a business and that smart ideas are worth sharing, especially when we are facing challenges that affect our normal operations.

Since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, we have made efforts to provide the latest resources to surrounding COVID-19, SBA Loan programs, and ways to keep your business running remotely. Our resources have been ramped up, with more ways to learn how to navigate your business operations and accounting, and thrive in the new COVID climate.


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Read the Rundown On PPP Round Two of Funding

Round two of the Paycheck Protection Program, officially called “The Second Draw Loan” was recently passed. For the businesses waiting eagerly and wondering what has changed, how it will apply to them, and if they need to take advantage of round two, we have your fact sheet ready.


Read The Latest PPP Loan Updates

It has been a while since we’ve discussed the SBA Loan programs and mentioned PPP, but it is time to put it back on the radar of the small business world. For those trying to navigate these loans on their own, you will appreciate the bullet points from the latest SBA updates. Let’s dive back in to the latest PPP pointers, so you can take advantage of loan forgiveness to the best of your ability.


Our Favorite Cloud Based Tools To Improve Business Continuity

If you’ve read any of our articles, you’ll understand that we are big on cloud based business for its efficiency and reliability, but it’s also a big business-saver when it comes to business continuity. This time of year reminds us of the importance of having a solid backup plan in place, as it comes with its own natural disasters. Worldwide pandemic aside, in the past month, we've had earthquakes, hurricanes, and tropical storms, as well as hard core thunderstorms with tornado activity.


How to Stay Strong Through Business Uncertainty - Three Key Areas to Focus Your Efforts

If you are one of the many small business owners in a general upheaval in response to COVID-19, we sympathize. Now is not the time for a lecture on your business continuity measures, but it is a good time to regroup and assess what type of shape you are in and find some measures to take to strengthen remote operations.


Webinar Recap: Understanding and Navigating the new SBA Loan Programs

Accountfully and Keith Kohler of K2 Financing joined forces once again to discuss an evolving and serious subject for small business owners; the new loan programs surrounding business interruption and disaster assistance. It’s no secret that recent mandated closures and lockdowns due to the CoronaVirus pandemic have been felt by businesses nationwide. Read the recap of the webinar here.


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PPP Updates - June 25th

24 Weeks, New Rules and Updated Applications. All the latest updates as of June 25th, 2020 are here.

PPP Updates as of June 25, 2020

Webinar: Branchfood + Accountfully

How to Leverage Your Margins to Produce Better Returns - Without Spending More: How to do more with less when it comes to maximizing existing inventory.

Branchfood's "Serving Up Support" Webinar Series for Food Entrepreneurs

Access Webinar Tools

Access recent webinar tools here. Download a copy of the worksheet used in the recent PPP Loan Forgiveness webinar here.

Get Your Tools Here

PPP Loan Forgiveness - New Relevant Details

This is a pivotal webinar for businesses wanting to understand what needs to be done now and the items required to maximize PPP loan forgiveness.

Find Out the Latest on PPP Loan Forgiveness

Podcast: The Climb

Brad Ebenhoeh discusses navigating the changes caused by COVID-19 and ways to strengthen operations for the future.

Episode 15: How to Get Out of This & Future Proof Your Agency From Crisis

Understanding the new SBA Loan Programs

Understanding and Successfully Navigating the New SBA Loan Programs: Business Interruption Loan and Disaster Assistance Loan.

Accountfully Webinar Series on YouTube

More Clarity on the new SBA Loan Programs

Updates to the SBA loan programs - PPP and EIDL since the webinar on Monday, March 30th and answer questions compiled from emails and webinar submissions

Accountfully Webinar Series on YouTube

April 8th Updates: Paycheck Protection Program

Brad gives us the latest information on the PPP as of April 8, 2020.

Accountfully Webinar Series on YouTube