Digital Agency Owners

Your creative agency can benefit from working with our bookkeeping and accounting team as an extension of the modern creative brands you helped build. Our team is knowledgeable about the creative industry to transform profit and loss statements into visual dashboards.

As an agency owner, you want to focus energy on what you love, which is why Accountfully assumes your bookkeeping tasks.

We reconcile accounts, update books and records, process payroll, pay bills, communicate with vendors, handle customer invoices, and receive payments. This insight into your company allows us to lead high-level CFO conversations about things like forecasting, utilization, key performance indicators, capacity planning, and cash flow.

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Meet a Few Businesses We've Helped

Client Spotlight: We Are Rosie

Stephanie Nadi Olson founded We Are Rosie in 2018 after spending over a decade in media sales. Her goal? Put diversity back into the industry and match great talent to great companies. Needless to say, they are killing it. Stephanie has some big awards to her name, and We Are Rosie was recently referred to as “The Future of Advertising''.

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Client Spotlight: AttorneySync

AttorneySync, a team of attorney marketing experts based in Chicago. They specialize in transparent and accountable online legal marketing help. While much of what they do is related to a traditional digital marketing agency, the fact that they focus on promoting attorneys is notable. Working with lawyers to meet their client development goals, AttorneySync leverages their team of designers, developers, strategists, writers, search specialists and more.

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Client Spotlight: Hed Hi Media

They aren’t the kind of neighbors you borrow a cup of sugar from, but the wildly creative #sleepwhenwearedead team at Hed Hi Media are our favorite kind of neighbor. We’ve shared office space with them for over a year now and we can’t imagine a more fun group of creatives to see daily. A full-service video production company with offices in Charleston, SC and San Francisco, CA, Hed Hi focuses on corporate branding videos, event coverage, documentary films, outdoor/adventure sports, travel, and publishing trailers.

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Client Spotlight: eHouse

Passionately creating digital experiences and engagement for web and mobile through strategy, user experience, innovation and dedication, our friends over at eHouse create some pretty incredible things. They are strategic dynamos and we’re regularly impressed with them and their work. Oh yeah, they’re also great hosts for Dribble meetups—check one out!

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"With Accountfully, I feel like I hired a kick-ass CFO without the big salary. Besides solid bookkeeping, they give me the tools, visibility, and ongoing consulting to make better decisions for the financial health of the agency. And they interface with my team seamlessly so I don't have to be involved in the day to day. It's a serious no-brainer."

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