Inventory Entrepreneurs

Inventory entrepreneurs - food entrepreneurs and producers of packaged goods, have unique business challenges. Unlike service-based business owners, these entrepreneurs often manage, restock, and sell mass quantities of inventory. We work with you to simplify your processes to turn them into efficient and scalable operations.

Our team reviews and discusses your inventory and financials on a regular basis so you know when it’s time to fulfill orders, test new sales channels, and restock inventory.

We standardize SKUs, report on cash flow, assist in the collections process, and account for MCBs, trade discounts and other fees discounted from retailer and distributor relationships.

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Meet a Few Businesses We've Helped

Client Spotlight: A Dozen Cousins

“I grew up in Brooklyn with a big family, and dinner time was always loud, tasty and full of love.” This about sums up the vibe one gets seeing the bright colors, happy faces and eclectic flavor combinations of A Dozen Cousins products. You can almost feel that same homemade-dinner-love when you warm up a bag of these amazing beans, that are convenient, healthy and impact a worthy social cause.


Client Spotlight: Hydrant

John Sherwin and Jai Kim founded Hydrant to solve an all-too-familiar problem: We were tired from all the pressure. Pressure to excel at our jobs, pressure to keep up with friends, the news, fit in exercise, healthy meals, eight hours of sleep and our laundry. The coffee cups and energy drinks were stacking up. We found ourselves wrecking our bodies just to get the job done.


Client Spotlight: Nectar Sunglasses

Sean Holmes co-founded Nectar Sunglasses in 2012. The goal was to create a lifestyle brand around affordable eyewear to disrupt the notion that style and quality must come with a big ticket price. He fills us in on the key concepts surrounding his vision for the company in our client spotlight.


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Case Study

"We knew it was time to really start developing the financial aspect of our business in a more meaningful way. Being a CPG company comes with its own set of accounting challenges."

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