Small Business Innovators

Generally speaking, small business owners are not accountants nor do they have a genuine interest in bookkeeping responsibilities. To take the essential business function off your to-do-list, Accountfully engages with small business owners to assume your day-to-day bookkeeping tasks while also serving as your outsourced CFO.

Together as a team, we work with you to identify efficiencies, streamline internal processes, and consider growth

We also classify transactions, reconcile bank accounts, process payroll and manage your accounting inbox. Each business is different, which is why each engagement is tailored to meet unique needs and goals.

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Meet a Few Businesses We've Helped

Accountfully Client: Asperger Experts

The team at Asperger Experts (AE) is committed to empowering and educating people with Asperger’s. Created in Seattle in 2012, this transformational media company creates courses and fosters online communities that cater to those on the autism spectrum. AE relies on a staff comprised of people with or affected by Asperger’s to create content derived from personal experience. Honest and inspiring, this team is doing incredible things and serving a great need.


Accountfully Client: CATCON

CATCON is a nationally licensed general contractor specializing in multifamily, municipal, and commercial renovation and restoration projects. They take pride in their quick response and effective solutions to even the most difficult scenarios brought to them. Even though CATCON has clients across the country, the team approaches each project with the same personal goal: complete each job as efficiently and economically as possible – with integrity. Their success is due in large part to the relationships built with clients. Acting as a long-term partner and a valuable resource, CATCON offers unparalleled service and attention.


Accountfully Clients: Workstead

Workstead is an Accountfully client that designs incredibly beautiful, space-enhancing works of art. They are a design studio located in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley where they focus on architectural and interior design, lighting, furniture, and exhibitions. Workstead’s aim is to design responsible, context-driven works that create a sense of place for both the objects they contain and the people that experience them. Their palette is strong and rich, yet simple and efficient.


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