Startup Founders

While every startup founder begins with the dream of making money, few launch with any expertise in handling that income once it is generated. We regularly chat with startup founders who have great ideas, unstoppable talent, and dedicated investors but lack the necessary financial infrastructure to keep the business moving forward. We work with these founders as their outsourced CFO, a resource to them throughout the pitch process and beyond.

As you work with investors to get funding, we work behind the scenes as your team.

We provide you real-time access to updated financials, we report on key performance indicators, we communicate with investors on their behalf, and we have ongoing conversations about budgeting and growth.

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Meet a Few Businesses We've Helped

Client Spotlight: HAH Parking

Brothers Rocky and Victor Vitali are changing the game when it comes to renting, finding, and managing a parking spot. Learn the story behind this cool company and App.

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Client Spotlight: Terrastride

When Accountfully began working with Terrastride, we knew there was great opportunity to improve their process and create efficiencies. As with many startups, Terrastride’s CEO was managing multiple areas of business. He was aware he wasn’t the best person to be handling the financials and sought an accounting solution that would embrace technology as much as his own product/app did.

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Case Studies

"We used to handle all of our accounting in house and that was taking up an increasingly large amount of time. Working with Accountfully has helped to free up some valuable resources."

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