Episode Eight: Vanessa Pham • Omsom

Episode Overview

"Early on, we wanted to see this make sense, and we want to see it get better over time. But it needs to start from a place of making sense as a business.”

Vanessa Pham is the CEO and Co-Founder of Omsom, an Asian food brand geared toward honoring the communities the foods represent.  She handles all things that "aren't creative"; from operations, to R&D, to supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and more.  Omsom launched at the height of COVID in May of 2020, but has experienced a great amount of success selling direct to consumer with their loud, proud and funky brand.  Omsom packets are considered a meal starter, similar to a simmer sauce or taco seasoning.  With one of the Omsom starters and a handful of fresh ingredients, you can be on your way to make eclectic Asian meals in under 30 minutes.



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