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2022 Content Recap

2022 Content Recap

2022 was all about our tenth anniversary:  Ten Years and Still Accounting.  We celebrated with the launch of our new website and a brand refresh, adding some new and exciting colors to the brand palette.  Outsourced accounting got even fresher, and we broadened our team by adding more remote employees from across the nation.  We now have team members in every time zone.  Our September Fall Event allowed many of them to meet for the first time in person, which was quite the adventure.  Here is your recap of 2022’s content greatest hits, and some new additions to our ever-growing content offerings.

Favorite Blog Articles

Our blog is so jam packed with information and insight, it makes it hard to pare down the favorites.  These were the combination of the most views, time read and searches:

New Content Offerings–More Spotlights and Another Podcast

In 2022 we started spotlighting our services,  our first being Finance and Advisory.  We will continue to share snapshots of the many services we offer every month.  Each spotlight shares more about each, like what they entail, pricing details, and more.  To wrangle all of our content we shared on our Livestream, Making Cents, we started an FAQ Roundup Series.  These recapped the top subjects all in one spot.  Subjects ranged from KPIs to basic bookkeeping tips.  

We also added a new podcast to our lineup, called The Accountfully Chat.  With our CPG-focused podcast, The Month End staying popular (we officially surpassed 25 episodes!), we finally closed the gap by offering a chat with guests that spotlight advice with a service based and general operations/small business focus.  Our long-time client Noise New Media made the perfect first guest to share their success stories and advice from 15 years of business.  Our next episode will be a really amazing one too, so make sure to subscribe to it on your favorite streaming platform.

We Made Our Email Newsletter Live on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently added a new newsletter feature and we made our monthly content recap offering, the Financial Close live to all of our followers.  Our email list gets these at the end of each month, but now all of our followers can enjoy a snapshot of our monthly content rundown on LinkedIn.

More Reels and Shorts 

One of the biggest changes we saw in 2022’s content preferences is the emergence of the short and gritty video format.  We stepped up our reels and YouTube Shorts game to include weekly snapshots of our culture, as well as short, informative accounting videos.  These can be found on our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels.  Make sure to subscribe to the Accountfully YouTube channel to see all the latest uploads.  It makes for a great mix of fun behind the scenes and simple accounting tips.

The top reels by views:

Our most popular YouTube shorts:

Updated eBooks and Guides

Inline with the brand refresh, we have been updating our eBooks and guides to share up-to-date info and represent our fresh vibe.  Two of the more popular refreshes were the Inventory Handbook and the short, sweet Inventory Management Guide for CPG Entrepreneurs.

News, Collaborations, and Guest Spots

We were featured on a few podcasts, and in magazines.  2022 was our fourth year in a row on the Inc. 5000 List.  We also made SCBiz’s list of high growth small businesses of South Carolina.  Here are a few guest spots, collaborations, and press features worth checking out:

Look at all of this amazing insight and it’s just the recap!  We hope 2022 was a great year for you, like it was for us.  Here’s to a content-packed 2023 and even more opportunities to serve our clients and followers’ accounting info needs!  

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