Accountfully’s clients are a cross section of bright, ambitious, modern business owners and entrepreneurs from across the country.

While we partner with visionaries across all industries, we have significant experience working with food entrepreneurs, digital agency owners, startup founders and small business innovators. These engagements are led by our industry specific experts who understand our clients’ businesses at a foundational level and can provide beneficial benchmarking data that can help you grow.

Who We Work With


Inventory Entrepreneurs

Accountfully works with food entrepreneurs and producers of packaged goods as an outsourced bookkeeper and strategic advisor to talk about the things that affect the bottom line.

We plan for your slower season so you plan for your next product launch.

Digital Agency Owners

Accountfully works with digital agency owners as an outsourced accounting and bookkeeping team to maximize margins and improve utilization.

We think about job costing so you can think about your next client.

Startup Founders

Accountfully works with startup founders as an outsourced CFO to offer support through pivotal stages of the venture.

We develop your pitch so you can develop investor relationships.

Small Business Innovators

Accountfully works with small business owners as an outsourced accounting and bookkeeping team to implement systems and simplify processes.

We focus on your books so you can focus on your business.