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Our agile engagements let us mix and match services so you can get the most out of your outsourced accounting investment. Find out which services will best support your business goals.
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Services to Support Your Unique Needs

Whether it’s a lot of bookkeeping help or just a little accounting support, we work with business owners to find the right combination of services to meet the specific goals, budgets, and timelines of the company. The majority of our engagements operate on monthly retainers that let us work proactively with you. These engagements are priced based on the needs and complexities of your business. Browse through some of the ways we can serve you.

Outsourced Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Outsource your accounting to us so you can focus on what you do best – run a great business! We all know that bookkeeping and accounting are critically important to a successful business. The challenge is that most business owners either can’t afford to have a bookkeeper or accountant on staff or can’t afford to devote the time to do financials. We have professional bookkeepers and CPAs on staff to help you in exactly the way you need.

Think of us as your virtual accounting department. We manage your books, reconcile banking and credit card statements, post information to your accounting system, invoice clients, assist with collections, and pay your vendors. We can also run payroll, and process payroll taxes so you can rest easy that your employees are taken care of and there are no surprises at tax time. If you have sales tax for your business, we also can file that for you. Month end financial statements such as profit and loss and balance sheet preparation are also a part of our ongoing work with our clients.

Tax Services

Tax Preparation and Filing

No one likes taxes – except for the Accountfully tax team! We have CPAs who are ready to help you with all your tax needs so that it’s no longer a worry for you or your business. We work with clients on both business tax preparation and personal tax preparation.

For new companies and for any company that may be considering restructuring, we review legal and tax structures to help you understand tax scenarios. We can also help with strategic reviews to plan for upcoming tax liabilities. If you’ve had any past challenges filing your taxes, we can help you get back on track, so you can move forward with a clean slate.

We  also help clients throughout the year with strategic tax advisory services and processing quarterly tax payments, sales and franchise tax payments, in addition to personal property taxes. Our skilled tax team can also manage the 1099 filing process.

Inventory Consulting Services

Inventory entrepreneurs, food entrepreneurs, and producers of packaged goods have unique business challenges. Unlike service-based business owners, these entrepreneurs often manage, restock, and sell mass quantities of inventory. We work with you to simplify your processes to turn them into efficient and scalable operations.

Our team reviews and discusses your inventory and financials on a regular basis so you know when it’s time to fulfill orders, test new sales channels, and restock inventory.

Inventory Management System Services and Support
For companies already using, or in need of an inventory management system, our experts can support you. We can manage multiple aspects from implementation to consulting, to technical support, to ongoing data maintenance.

Finance and Advisory

Small and medium-sized businesses need strategic financial advice but typically can’t afford a full-time CFO, nor do they need one. Our advisory services solve that problem.

We provide strategic financial accounting and planning so that you are well-informed to make key business growth decisions.
We support our clients who need a look into the future to plan for large cash outlays; whether that is for hiring, a big purchase, or to better navigate an inconsistent cash flow. We review short and long-term cash flow and assess how that relates to your business's key performance indicators (KPIs).

On a monthly basis, we prepare forecasts and budgets and perform inventory and reporting, as well as analysis.

As we work with you and advise on your growth strategy, we can also serve as your partner in communicating financials and financial strategy to your investors, board, and key stakeholders.

Bookkeeping and Controller Services

Bookkeeping and controller services make the most sense for companies in need of basic support with a professional accounting polish.

We support your regular bookkeeping needs on a scaled-back level.  This ranges from bi-weekly support to acting as your controller who supports your existing bookkeeping team.  We ensure your work is getting done accurately and on time, and help facilitate an accurate and timely close of the books each month.  These services can range from the bookkeeping tasks themselves to just the controller-level oversight and management, depending on your needs.

Deductions Management

For CPG clients in the retail space, we track, manage, and dispute distributor deductions incurred from your wholesale relationships like UNFI and KeHe.  

Our proactive solution counteracts these cash-crippling chargebacks and implements a clear system to dispute inaccuracies while establishing key relationships with each vendor.    

Our team implements Insightful reporting that shows each client the clear ROI on the deductions management efforts.  Once established, our systems are designed such that they can be either transferred to the client’s internal team, or remain in place for Accountfully to continue indefinitely.

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