2023 Cin7 Partner Summit Recap

Cin7 Partner Summit 2023 Recap

The week of August 14th was a big one for Accountfully.  Not only did we officially ring in our fifth year in a row as an Inc. 5000 company, but we also earned Cin7’s CEO Award at Cin7's Partner Summit.  While inventory management using Cin7 products for clients has long been on the outsourced accounting service menu, this was the first time attending the event.  Accolades aside, we were glad we were there.  We made a lot of industry connections and had some fun outside of the event’s daily agenda.  Here is your recap of what the Partner Summit had to offer us.

What is The Event?

The Cin7 Partner Summit is an annual event held at the company’s U.S. hub in Denver, Colorado.  It brings together Cin7 partners from service and tech industries with the Cin7 team.  Amazing keynotes and learning opportunities are provided, and the summit closes with an awards banquet recognizing the unique impact certain partners have made in the year.

What it Means to be an Expert Partner

The name is in the award and the event, itself, but what does it mean?  Expert partners are recommended service providers by Cin7 that are highly experienced in its products.  Accountfully is an expert partner for a few reasons.  We are a knowledgeable, reliable source to provide support and services to inventory based businesses in need of an inventory management system.  We are experienced and dedicated to providing top-notch solutions when a client needs a system implemented and/or maintained. Our in-house team is knowledgeable in the products and has a great working relationship with their Cin7 partners.

What Are the Awards For?

In short, they recognize both service and tech-related partners who do amazing things with (and for) Cin7’s product suite.  Partners must be nominated in order to be eligible for the award.  Nominations typically come from happy clients. Or, as Cin7 puts it:

“The 2023 Cin7 Partner Summit Awards are to recognize our truly unique and ambitious partners.” –Cin7
Accountfully's inventory pros Matthew Lynn (L) and Michael Bourke (R) celebrate the win at the Partner Summit

The awards represent two categories; service and tech.  Outside of service providers like Accountfully, are the amazing tech companies making the products easier to use with helpful integrations. Many of them are the same systems our clients use to run their CPG businesses.  The biggest being QuickBooks, which is at the foundation of Accountfully’s cloud-based accounting tools.  

What the CEO Award Recognizes

The award Accountfully received was special in that the CEO of Cin7, David Leach hand-picked it.  Our dedication to promoting the product through helpful and engaging content, and achieving ground-breaking results in attendance to our first webinar were a huge part in why Accountfully stood out as a leader in the category. 

Why We Attended

The event is a great way to get the most current information on product features, sharpen our skills and discover new opportunities.  The summit lasts three days and is a mix of social activities and training.  Throughout the time, the Cin7 teams are highly involved; from providing important keynotes to a morning walk led by the CEO himself!

▶︎ Establish Alliances

Meet other partners who use Cin7 and get to know both service and tech companies.  So many amazing networking opportunities were made available.  Day one offered a casual happy hour to meet everyone late afternoon, and each morning offered a way to get the day started by mingling with attendees and Cin7 team members.

▶︎ Meet our Cin7 Teams in Person

This is probably the most beneficial for us, as we are heavily involved with our teams virtually. It is always nice to see them in person and explore their turf.  We get to share feedback from the year and plan together.  They get to show us around their “home” and we enjoy it all!  The best part is there is a designated window of time, specifically for these meetings.  We didn't have to choose between learning activities and sitting together to talk.

▶︎ Promote Business Growth

By networking with other Cin7 partners, we learn ways they are using products and supporting growth for themselves and their clients.  We learn what is working for other companies and ways to improve and evolve our own methods.  It was great getting new perspectives and insight from companies like ours, while lending some advice to others.

▶︎ Product Learning

We pride ourselves on staying current on the tools and systems we use. The Partner Summit offers amazing opportunities to learn more about the products and get certified.  Just having access to a room full of Cin7 experts is invaluable in itself!  Presentations throughout the summit gave us a great understanding of new and planned product developments, in addition to future initiatives and plans for the company.  

See You Next Year, Cin7!

The 2023 Partner Summit was a great success for Accountfully.  Not only were we able to network with like minded companies and enjoy time with our teams, we came home with an award!  As our inventory management clients continue to grow, we will surely be opening up more time each year to attend and take advantage of the amazing networking and knowledge sharing the event has to offer.

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