2024 Wholesale Week

Wholesale Week 2024

CPG Founders: if you’ve ever wished you could get insider knowledge on how to ACTUALLY speak the language of wholesale, perfectly pitch to those wholesale buyers, and hear more “yes’s!” than “no’s” after your sales pitches–you’re in luck.

Alli Ball, the founder of Food Biz Wiz®, and industry friend of Accountfully, is sharing exactly what she WISHES she could have said to food founders when she was a grocery buyer and is giving it all away during Wholesale Week. Through video training, daily prompts, and personalized support from her and her team. Wholesale Week helps you stop winging it and start working strategically for more sales.

What is it?

Wholesale Week includes five-day bite-sized training on building out your wholesale strategy. From executing Alli’s painless biz plan, to learning her “Right People, Right Channels” theory, to mastering her Perfect Your Pitch framework.

Wholesale Week has all the tools you need to jumpstart your packaged product sales for the fourth quarter - in just 10 minutes per day, on your schedule.


Wholesale Week runs from Monday, January 8th - Friday, January 12th and is completely online.

Registration opens on January 2nd.

Registration Info:

Ready to register? Click here and gain access to Alli, her team, her impactful trainings during Wholesale Week, and a WHOLE bunch of prizes.

You could win a 1:1 consulting session with Alli Ball, $500 cash, Alli's DIY Sell Sheet Course, and MORE!

Who Benefits:

Wholesale Week is relevant for any packaged food, beverage, or taxable grocery brand. They work with brands all around the globe, in every product category. At Food Biz Wiz®, all are welcome!

Wholesale Week is Great for You If:

  • You've got mixed feelings about your wholesale strategy
  • You're frustrated with the advice you get on how to grow your business
  • You're already in production (or are super close) with your product. Food, beverage, cosmetics, you name it...Wholesale Week can help
  • You are a CPG founder seeking quality, proven industry advice

The Goal of the Program:

Alli’s trainings are jam-packed with tough love from her days as a grocery buyer and relevant resources based on her experience of working directly with over 2,500 brands inside of Retail Ready® and delivered in her signature style of being short, impactful, and easy to execute.

Food Biz Wiz®, believes:

"Everyone deserves the knowledge & tools they need to give their business a real shot at success. When we empower entrepreneurs and help their food business succeed, we are able to increase diversity on our shelves, deepen connections to our food sources, and support consumers as they shop more consciously and with integrity.”

How Much Is It?

Participation is completely free and open to any founder in the food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods space. 

Click through to the registration page and get ready to roll on Monday, January 8th!

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