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A Bookkeeping Tool For Small Businesses: QuickBooks Online

 At Accountfully, we help entrepeneurs implement accounting and bookkeeping tools for small businesses. We empower them to leverage smart software solutions that will give them the power to control and monitor their own financials in real-time—a crucial part of business ownership.

While there are many solutions out there, not all are created equally. We created this three-part series to highlight one of our favorite software solutions: QuickBooks Online(QBO). Today we’re highlighting the versatility and flexibility of QBO.

Our Client

Earlier this year, we started working with exaqueo, a company that uses QBO to power everything from accounts receivable to client project management to bookkeeping and accounting.

Founded in 2011, exaqueo helps companies better compete for and retain talent by building honest, authentic employer brands and powerful talent attraction and retention programs. They teach clients how to build strategies first and then execute through internal and external communication, campaigns, creative and technology.


QuickBooks Online Is Versatile

No two businesses are the same, which is why every business owner should be able to customize their accounting solutions to fit their unique needs. Exaqueo was no exception. When we started working with them, they were frustrated by the limitations of their accounting system. We implemented QBO to help make their accounting system work for them—not against them.

To help exaqueo run their business efficiently, we synched several different third party applications to this platform. We connected Gusto for payroll and payroll tax related transactions, Fathom for financial reporting and KPI tracking, for bill payments, and Expensify for managing billable and reimbursable expenses. QBO lets third-party applications synch data between systems. As accountants, it’s helped us work more efficiently with our client. We all have visibility to everything at all times, just as it should be.

QuickBooks Online Is Flexible

With satellite offices, many business owners struggle to give remote employees and contractors the same access to internal systems that onsite employees have. This complicates and hinders communication and productivity—something our friends at exaqueo were tired of experiencing.

We transitioned exaqueo to QBO because they struggled to run bicoastal offices; they needed something powerful and cloud-based so everyone had visibility to everything. After switching to this powerful system, the exaqueo team noticed a difference immediately.

Exaqueo Head Shot

According to Susan Strayer LaMotte, founder and CEO of exaqueo, “Quickbooks has made it easy to collaborate with our Accountfully team. Our accountant Tony can seamlessly share reports, insights, and areas of concern with me and I don’t have to leave my desk. The combination of Quickbooks and Accountfully has changed my life in the past few months, seriously!” QuickBooks Online is a flexible solution for business owners who run multiple offices and need access to their financials at all times.

QuickBooks Logo

QBO is a versatile and flexible accounting and bookkeeping tool for small businesses that empowers them to have real-time access to their financials all the time. We recommend QuickBooks Online to business owners who want to streamline their business and create efficiencies between offices.

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