Accountfully + Rodeo CPG: A Financial Look at 27 CPG Companies

Are you a CPG business owner wondering how you match up to companies similar to you? Yearning for some industry standards to compare against? Glad you asked. We just wrapped up the initial phase of one of our most exciting collaborations, geared to help answer that question in more detail. 

27 cpg companies

Accountfully has teamed up with Rodeo CPG - a company that helps manage sales, operations, and product development for growing consumer packaged goods companies - to compile the initial data of 27 CPG companies.

Our goal is to create a benchmarking guide, based on real data, so CPG brands can have an informed point of view around what their numbers should look like, based on the stage of their company. As we add more data over time, it will become even more powerful as a guide to CPG business success.

So far, there is a lot of amazing information to be learned.  Rodeo has the full details on the overview, key takeaways and more, here: 

We plan on this being a recurring series, so stay tuned on our updates as we move forward.

In the meantime, if you need some help wrangling your CPG biz numbers to better understand where you sit, we can help.  Tell us about your business and check out what we offer:

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