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Accountfully Webinar Series & Resource Page Will Keep You Up to Date

FACT: we are all inundated with way too many COVID-19 resource options right now. We get pinged through email, social media and scary news headline phone notifications. The small business owners out there need basic info and updates to help them find the resources they need, minus the fluff, fear-mongering and up-sells. The last thing that we - as your ally in outsourced accounting - want to do, is hammer you with more confusing information. As finance industry pros, we take it upon ourselves to offer helpful resources and information to our clients and followers. In the effort to help answer many of the questions we receive, and ease our small business owner’s minds, we have added some important content to our website and YouTube page.

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The Accountfully COVID-19 Resource Link

This week, we have launched a special landing page on our website that is your source to access any COVID-19 updates and content we are producing. You will see the link in the header of our website. Or simply bookmark:

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This page will have updated links to recent blog posts and webinar recordings that feature any COVID-19 updates that affect small business owners. We have since launched three updates to our our first SBA Loan webinar that went live on March 30th and plan on hosting more as we get more questions and program updates in the coming days.

The Accountfully Webinar Series and YouTube Page

The Accountfully Webinar Series is in full swing. We have been recording webinars that relay updates surrounding the new SBA loan programs - Paycheck Protection Plan and Economic Injury Disaster Loan as well as hosting live through Zoom. As you can imagine, we are seeing a lot of questions coming in about specific small business scenarios that may or may not apply to these loan qualifications. Accountfully has also teamed up with other industry pros, like Keith Kohler of K2 Financing and Javier Jorge of Pilot Bank, to get industry professional opinions on these important subjects.

All of our webinar recordings can be found on the Webinar playlist on our YouTube channel. As we host more live webinars, we will also post link to register for these on our social media pages, so stay tuned and make sure to follow us:



Linked In:



Also on our social media updates, you will find links and information surrounding any podcasts or shared content Accountfully will be involved in.

Great Ideas Are Worth Sharing

We hope these added resources, along with our guides and weekly blog articles, will be helpful tools in navigating any business challenges. Great ideas are worth sharing, so we hope you share these with anyone who may need some help, and we will strive to keep the relevant content rolling. If there is something we can do for you, we are happy to chat more about your business or help answer any questions you may have in this challenging time.

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