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Accountfully's Favorite Workflow Management Tool: Asana

We’ll say it again for those just arriving to our Tool Box series:  Small business owners have limited time and resources, which is why they shouldn’t waste either on cookie-cutter software solutions that don’t react, can’t evolve, and aren’t flexible enough to meet their needs. 

Now that we've got that out of the way, here's the latest peek into the Accountfully toolbox.  This week we share our secret weapon for assigning tasks and staying on track across teams and locations with Asana.  This handy workflow management tool helps us ensure that we are synched up across clients and internal teams, and offers a user friendly design that helps visualize workflows as needed.

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Not only do we use it here in the Accountfully office to keep track of our bottomless list of tasks, we use it to collaborate with our teammates, and to share important project status updates. Like all of our other favorites, it is cloud based and can be used from your desktop or mobile device anywhere there is an internet connection.

Mini Case Study:  Asana Integration for Streamlining Communication in a Growing Company

Recently we started working with a client who was trying to keep up with their day-to-day operations through a complex web of emails and spreadsheets. This system worked for them for the first year but as they grew, added new employees, and opened a new office, their needs changed dramatically.

We helped them integrate Asana to sync up tasks and streamline employee communication. Soon, both offices were seamlessly working together on projects that previously would have required in person meetings. Tasks were getting crossed off the to-do list, and dusty spreadsheets quickly became a thing of the past.

When You Should Consider Using Asana

We recommend Asana to clients who have multiple offices, off site employees, or quite simply a mounting list of tasks. It’s one of our favorite collaboration and productivity apps and we can’t imagine life without it.  

Take a Look at Some of Our Other Favorite Tools

Chances are, you may be reading our Accountfully Tool Box series because you are exploring ways to promote better productivity and efficiency across your growing business.  You’ve come to the right place.  In case you missed them, here is a handy reference to some of our other favorites:

If you would rather let Accountfully take the lead on implementing the right tools for your business, that works great too.  Outsourcing your company's accounting comes with some pretty sweet perks.  Outside of the obvious (more time for you to run your biz, up to date books, etc.), we bring our time tested systems and tools that will help maximize your efficiency, boost productivity and streamline operations.  To get started on a plan that works best for you, start by telling us a bit about your business.  We will chat through how Accountfully can help, and customize a plan best for you.

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