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Accountfully's First Webinar

Accountfully Kicks Off Its Webinar Series with Debt Financing Strategies As The Focus

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Tuesday, December 10th marked our first webinar ever, and we are pretty excited. Accountfully will be strengthening our client resources by adding more webinars moving forward.

For the first topic, we went big. We joined up with Keith Kohler of K2 Financing to talk about debt financing strategies, or as the official title stated: “Debt Financing Strategies to Help Grow Your Business (And Keep More of It)”. Keith is the guy to talk to when it comes to the funding process and Accountfully is the team to have on your side to prepare you properly.

We felt this was a good connection to make for our audience. Loans are a standard part of operating for a lot of our client companies and so is the general uncertainty on how to get funding and where to start (let alone, shop for the best deal). We addressed this, and many other considerations in our talk. In case you missed it, allow us to summarize some of the things we discussed.

Our Hosts - Brad Ebenhoeh and Keith Kohler

Co-hosting the event was Managing Partner of Accountfully, Brad Ebenhoeh, and Keith Kohler, President of K2 Financing. Brad provided valuable notes for what businesses need on the accounting and records side of funding and how Accountfully provides this. We have a slew ofblog posts and articles about Ebenhoeh’s successful track record growing businesses through outsourced accounting.Feel free to explore those or read more on his background here.

Speaking of successful backgrounds, Keith Kohler is more than just that “finance guy”. He is passionate about helping all types of businesses through the right funding choice as their advocate, analyst and closer. He also knows the business owner side of the process.

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“In the last 15 years, I have founded, invested in, and sold two small businesses while also financing, advising, and educating hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners,” says Keith of his experience.

Not only does he bring the “street cred” of being an entrepreneur to the table, his book smarts and Fortune 500 experience are also impressive. Keith holds an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School, an MA in Brazilian/Latin American Studies from the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania and received his Bachelor’s in Foreign Service cum laude from Georgetown University. He credits his experience working in multiple Fortune 500 companies in helping perfect his analytical skill set - committing to fact and making numbers-based decisions. A pretty fierce combo, and a great resource for Accountfully clients!

A Common Business Subject Shed in A New Light

Loans and funding can have an icky reputation. Our clients range in size, age and industry focus, but one of the common themes we see is their need for cash at some point. When approached correctly, the right funding for your business can contribute to its growth, without having to give away equity. That is exactly what we discussed in more detail in our webinar. The “how to’s” and “what to consider” for a range of business stages, from start-up to profitable-over-years phases. Whether it’s funding for start up purposes, paying off more expensive debt or swinging a large supply order - preparing yourself to get the best option is a smart choice. We can help.

Outsourcing Your Accounting Gives You a Major Leg-Up

The other major piece of intelligently seeking funding is having the right documents in order and setting yourself up for success. With access to up to date and accurate financials, it’s an easy phone call to your Accountfully team to obtain the right documents. Your pro team is at hand to offer some advice and keep you on track to show your numbers and future potential to your potential lending team. This moves the process ahead rather smoothly. When a business owner isn’t scrambling to piece together detailed documents like cash flow statements, projections, draft tax returns, etc, it’s a much easier process and your chances of getting a better deal greatly increase.

No Doesn’t Have to Mean Never For Funding

Even in the messiest of businesses, there is always hope. A “no” will likely not be a hard one. It will be a “not right now, but…” Once we collaborate with Keith and his input from the lenders, there will be a game plan to put into place to get you to a “yes”. Whether that’s in years or months to accomplish, it’s doable with the right information and team in place. As your business works toward the goal, Accountfully will keep you in check, looking ahead and prepared.

Now Is A Great Time

Now is a good time to get things dialed in for your business; another major theme in our webinar. Not only for business finances, but for us to get our webinar series started. 2019 is coming to a close, so taking some time to review where you need to be as a business for next year is a great way to plan for funding, if that is in your future. Start by first understanding what you need to move forward and plan ahead, then consult with the right team to help.

We are here to help and happy to talk more about your business and its needs. As far as webinars are concerned, we are excited to offer more as we progress into 2020 and look forward to seeing how they help our current and potential clients as a new resource. If you are interested in this webinar, business funding, outsourcing your accounting or just need some feedback from a pro, tell us about your business.

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