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Accounting Advice: Adopting a Year Round Tax Strategy

Brad, How do I make tax season easier this year? Madison J. Atlanta, GA

Ah Madison, it sounds like you may have fallen into a trap that many business owners find themselves in come January. As accountants, January is the month when business owners approach us with New Year’s resolutions that this will be the year they get their taxes done early – or maybe just on time – or simply to make the process less painful. Many of them come to us after surviving terrible tax filing experiences and now don’t know where to start, so they seek out an accountant to accomplish their resolution.


Brad Ebenhoeh

A Year-Round Approach

As strategic advisors, we are firm believers in a year-round tax approach, as there is no such thing as a quick fix for business owners. We are committed to vigilance and guidance to bring success to our clients and believe that since all companies are taxed, they must adopt a year-round tax strategy instead of simply bracing for a January surprise.

And while the phrase “year-round” may sound intimidating or more work up front, we promise getting ahead of the situation and maintaining this tax strategy will save time and money in the long run.

A Streamlined Approach

When business owners leverage an outsourced accounting department like Accountfully, they streamline and simplify the tax filing process. Accountfully executes both tax planning and preparation, as well as bookkeeping. When everything is accomplished under one roof by one team, business owners can rest assured that the people filing their taxes are the same people reviewing their financials all year long. This familiarity means fewer questions and less time spent deciphering a year’s worth of financial information.

Resolutions are tough. They can be hard to stick to and often require more work than we think they’re worth. We get it, which is why Accountfully is here to motivate and encourage you to follow through with resolutions to simplify your taxes. In the process, we’ll empower you to stay involved and attentive so the effort will be minimal all year long.

Looking to learn more about taxes and what you can do to put yourself in the best position possible?

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