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Accounting Advice: Startup Financing


Dear Brad, How does Accountfully help with startup financing? Can you make the connections I need to raise capital and get my idea off the ground? I need some accounting advice. —Ryan Raleigh, NC

Hi Ryan,

That’s a good and important question when considering a new partnership. While we can’t promise connecting you with the investor who’s going to change your life, we can certainly make you prepared for that introduction. Investors are bombarded with new products, apps and ideas on a daily basis. The best way to suceed at startup financing is to stand by simplifying their vetting process.

Accountfully is an outsourced accounting firm helps its startup clients by being a resource they can leverage throughout the fundraising process. For starters, we help with budgeting and forecasting so startup founders can show investors what their investments have the potential to return. This is meaningful because it shows you’ve taken the time to get things in order and have a plan for the future. An organized and well-prepared startup founder is always going to be more favorable than the founder with a great idea and no financial blueprint.

We’re also available for pitch conversations. If you’re nervous about not having the answer on a call with a potential investor, don’t worry. We’re happy to be in your corner and take the questions you aren’t equipped to answer. Investors don’t expect you to have all the answers, but this certainly cuts down on the back and forth and simplifies the process.

And can we make connections? Yes—we’ve been doing this long enough to have a strong network of banks, investors, and creative professionals who can add meaningful value to our clients’ businesses. We never sell this as part of our services but being an outsourced accounting firm, it’s something we make good use of when there’s an opportunity to help a client out. Want to brainstorm or talk through something?

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