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Ampla x Accountfully Webinar Recap

This week Accountfully took part in an informative, collaborative webinar hosted by Ampla; a provider of tech enabled financing solutions for emerging brands.  The subject of the talk was all about growth funding for your business.  In case you missed it, here are a few recap notes and links explore more about managing your cash.

Ampla webinar recap

Funding Questions Answered in the Webinar

The webinar was a great funding overview that addressed:

  • different types of funding options available
  • things to consider with each type; rates, repayment terms, etc.
  • aspects to consider on the accounting side; can you afford it?
  • cash considerations and what to do with the money
  • ways you can truly leverage funding for growth
  • features that integrate with your current systems
  • where to go for answers to your questions

Further Reading/Listening 

Links For More Information


The Webinar Hosts

anthony santomo headshot

Anthony SantomoAmpla Founder & CEO

Anthony is a former investment banker turned FinTech entrepreneur. Anthony identified the market opportunity for Ampla in 2019 and is devoted to helping emerging brands find more access to affordable capital.




Brad EbenhoehAccountfully Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Brad Ebenhoeh abandoned the world of corporate accounting to found Accountfully, a modern outsourced accounting firm that serves modern brands and businesses. Brad has proven that accounting can be as cool as the clients he partners with.


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If you need some help addressing your cash flow needs, tell us about your business.  We'd be happy to see if Accountfully's services are a good fit for your business needs.  To stay in the loop on future events like this webinar, and more how to's and FAQs, make sure to follow our social media accounts.

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