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Client Spotlight: 25Madison and Onda

Noone ever won over an investor by fumbling over their company’s numbers in their sales pitch. In fact, it does quite the opposite. We’ve seen this in action on TV with popular shows like Shark Tank. So what is the secret ingredient when it comes to aligning the shrewd investor with a promising company? The answer is simple: dialed-in numbers - aka up to date and accurate bookkeeping and accounting. The company needs to know its true financial health and potential, and the investor needs to know where that investment goes, once they have invested. So how does a small company in start-up mode provide CFO level insight to an investment firm, without that CFO (and its associated expense) in place? They outsource it to a team that specializes in their product niche and has the flexibility to work with their unique needs.

Onda 25Madison spotlight

One of our clients, Onda, recently launched and they are part of an eclectic portfolio of an (equally eclectic) investment firm called 25Madison. Accountfully has been beneficial to both sides in the development, growth and launch of Onda. To better understand both the company and the investor, let’s dive into the inner workings of each.

25 Madison: Let’s Do Big Things


The New York based investment firm incubates and co-incubates a truly unique portfolio. It grows companies involved in good ideas that are also good for people, the environment and their communities. The seasoned investment team seeks out companies that have the ability to gain a competitive advantage over the competition and those who can truly become revenue producers, not just great ideas that fizzle out.

When 25Madison evaluates companies, they are focused on those that align their policies, mission, vision, and values surrounding the following; good health and well-being, positive climate impact, decent work and economic growth, clean water and sanitation, and sustainable cities and communities. Not only do the companies need to have the positive social and economic impact, they need to solve the age old challenge of being a product or service that has a true need.

Investments are run by 25Madison’s playbook - a unique process culminating from the teams vast experience in business and business development. They act as a true partner from start, to growth and actively involve themselves in each business. With the insight into the operations and development, they focus on implementing a permanent operating structure that lasts. From start up, to growth, having 25Madison on board, means a sure shot at lasting business success.

The Portfolio

25Madson’s uniquely curated portfolio is filled with strong and growing early-stage companies, three of the which are currently Accountfully clients. Businesses range from service based travel agencies, to food and beverage, to cool tech and unique products. The three companies working with Accountfully are in the food and beverage industry, a key industry that relies on accurate management of cash flow and inventory to succeed.



Featured Portfolio Company: Onda

“Summer is a state of mind, best served in a can.”


Onda was created because the co-founders saw that many of their friends were drinking hard seltzers made with mystery alcohol and cheap ingredients, and wanted a product that was meant for a healthier, balanced lifestyle. Since their favorite drink is tequila soda, they wanted to raise the canned beverage bar by focusing on high integrity ingredients they actually want to drink.

It’s safe to say, tequila soda is Onda’s thing, and they are defining the ready-to-drink market with a cool 90’s California surfer flare, complete with bright colors, throwback Instagram pics, and a radical beach club for exclusive email subscribers. Side Note - Onda also means wave in Spanish. Pretty cool, huh?

There are two flavors available; lime and grapefruit. Each can is only 100 calories, has 5% ABV, and zero sugars or carbs, with no creepy ingredients - just high end tequila blanco from Jalisco, Mexico, real juice and zero sugar-laden malt alcohol.

Onda’s Unique Founders

Onda was co-founded by Noah Gray, Max Dworin, Kelli Adams, and Shay Mitchell. They all hail from unique backgrounds and add their own uniqueness to the company:

Noah Gray, Co-founder & CEO


As CEO, Noah leads Onda’s commercial strategy, product development and marketing. Noah’s background is in CPG investment and innovation. Before launching Onda, Noah worked at 25madison, a venture studio in NYC. Before that, he worked at Redscout, a design and innovation agency, where he advised clients on new brand and product development. Noah holds a BA and MBA from Yale University.

Max Dworin, Co-founder & COO


As COO, Max oversees operations and supply chain, regulatory affairs and e-commerce. Prior to Onda, Max worked at online consumer goods retailer Boxed, where he led the wine and spirits business and served as Chief of Staff to the CEO. Max has spent time at Procter & Gamble, where he launched a direct-to-consumer product, and has held a number of roles in politics, including Press Secretary to Senator Chuck Schumer. Max holds a BA from The Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Yale University.

Kelli Adams, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer


As Chief Creative Officer, Kelli leads Onda’s brand strategy and design. Kelli brings ten years of experience at leading creative agencies, where she developed numerous new-to-the-world brands and helped beloved brands define new identities. Prior to founding Onda, she was the Design Director at Redscout, where she worked across NYC, London and Los Angeles. Kelli holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design.

Shay Mitchell, Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer


Shay Mitchell is a multi-talented actress, producer, entrepreneur and influencer. She is most recognizable for her leading role on the Freeform hit series Pretty Little Liars and recently starred in the Netflix series, YOU, opposite Penn Badgley. Mitchell is in a league of her own at establishing herself as a leading force in the new age of social media by not only boasting an impressive social media following, but also by producing a YouTube lifestyle channel. Mitchell is the Founder and Creative Director of BÉIS, an on-the-go lifestyle brand inspired by her passion for travel. Her newest endeavor is Co-Founder of Onda, a spirits brand for a new generation of drinkers.

What Makes Onda Unique

Remember that sugar-laden malt alcohol mentioned earlier? Let’s start there… Onda is light and refreshing like a hard seltzer but made with a distilled spirit base. This is different from most hard seltzers in the market that are made with neutral malt alcohol, which is fermented like beer. The brand’s vibrant visual identity, anchored by its signature Onda orange, also stands apart in a category defined by a sea of white cans.

Onda’s Unique Positive Impact

Inline with 25Madison’s positive impact standards, Onda sources their tequila from a woman owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. This is a predominantly male dominated industry, so to support a woman owned operation is a big deal. Their distillery is one of the most awarded in the country, too! Clearly, they have the right one for the job.

How Accountfully Helps

For a company with big plans, small manpower, and such a unique brand reputation to focus on growing, it made sense to outsource the accounting. Co-Founder Noah Gray says:

“Having launched just a little over a month ago, we are tackling the day to day hurdles of being a new company with a lean team. Fortunately, Accountfully has made it easier to manage all aspects of accounting including sales invoicing, bill pay, expense reimbursement and regular reporting. This enables us to make decisions about how we build our brand, engage with customers and grow our business based on a detailed financial picture.”

Where to Buy Onda

Onda is now available online at and in select retail stores in the New York area. Onda is continuing to expand its availability in retail locations nationwide, so stay tuned and stay in touch with them on social media and through email.

Stay in the Loop and Follow Onda

With such a vibrant brand, we highly recommend Onda is in your social feed and you join their beach club.

Join the Beach Club for email updates and exclusive deals:




More on 25Madison

To see the latest 25Madison happenings, view their full portfolio, and get to know the team behind the magic, check out their website:

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