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Client Spotlight: HAH (How About Here) Parking

We’ve all been there before. You’re cruising the streets, scoping out parking at that local event, visiting your friend at that cool downtown locale, or headed to the beach for a nice day out. You just want a place to park without hiking for miles or paying too much. As you pass various cones, markers and signs saying “No Parking”, you notice the locals have open areas in front of their houses and in their driveways. You immediately think to yourself, “man, if I could only just park there”.

HAH + Accountfully

Accountfully clients, Rocky and Victor Vitali operate their business, HAH Parking, to solve not just this problem, but the challenge in coordinating the selection and payment of the parking spots efficiently. We sat down with the brothers to learn more about their background and future plans for the company.

How the company started: Brothers Victor Vitali and Rocky Vitali created the company in 2017. They grew up in the automotive industry and often had large vehicle inventory but limited space for parking. They created the company to solve a personal problem and quickly realized that the problem was not the lack of available space, but rather the inefficient management of parking space. So, they created a modern technology platform to make it quick and easy for drivers to find and pay for parking and owners to monetize and manage.

Founder Background:

Victor Vitali:

Victor Headshot

Victor is the Chief Executive Officer of HAH. Since he uttered his first word, “car”,he always knew he would have cars at the forefront of his career. Like his brother, Rocky, he has a major knack for entrepreneurship and exploration. After coming back to the states from studying abroad, he met his now wife in Charleston, SC. They travelled around the country, and later, the world for a year, becoming inseparable. Once he was back in his Charleston home full time, he found his car collection needed additional car parking space, so he asked neighbors to rent their’s. This started the HAH journey. In 2017, he and his brother dove in full time.

Rocky Vitali:

Vincent Rocko Vitali, aka “Rocky” is the

Rocky Headshot

Chief Operating Officer of HAH. He started working for the family car dealership when he was 11 years old, where he was in charge of online sales. His knack for entrepreneurship, tech savvy and love for cars made him a success at 16, having sold over 75 cars using the cost effective methods of the technology he used. He is a well versed world traveler, yoga instructor, SCUBA diver, and published author. Needless to say, he brings a lot of worldly experience to the COO table.

What makes the HAH different: HAH consolidates parking management and enforcement into one easy-to-use platform. Applicable to a single user or an enterprise management company, the platform allows for seamless and scalable use. Parking management platforms should no longer be managed with capital-intensive hardware, but rather with technology-driven software. Our goal is to remove the third-party technology difficulties currently present in the parking industry. HAH eliminates large fixed costs for parking operators through streamlining management and enforcement, while providing the fastest payment method in the industry.

When it became time to outsource the company’s accounting and how it helps the business: Outsourcing accounting has been a big help for day to day operations. It became time to outsource accounting once tax season rolled around and we needed our books to be organized and up to date.

How Accountfully helps: Accountfully helped us standardize our process and stay on track with weekly, monthly and quarterly updates. The on-boarding process was simple and so far we’ve been happy with the services. We look to partner with companies that use modern technology for improved efficiency. The Accountfully team uses modern tools and processes that make it simple to collaborate.

What’s New for HAH: HAH is releasing its new platform on November 1st, 2020. This will be our first production level product to compete for leading parking management technology. HAH technology is used by cities, parking management companies, commercial operators and private individuals. The company recently closed its second Series Seed round of funding adding new strategic partners with over $1,250,000 raised to date. Pre-COVID HAH’s success was steady but we’ve seen a major surge since the pandemic accelerated the demand for low cost, contactless solutions. We’ve seen massive growth in both commercial and enterprise sales and we are very excited to reveal our new and improved parking management platform on November 1st.

Going live November 3rd, 2020, is the new contactless, "pay-by-text" solution.

It features lighting fast payment, proprietary artificial intelligence powered license plate recognition technology and a robust dashboard. HAH is built for the modern world.

You can read the full press release announcing its inception here.  

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Do these two unique founder stories resonate with you?  If you are ready to learn how outsourcing your accounting can help you take on more of the part of business you love, tell us more about your needs and we will set up a time to talk more.  In the meantime, you can cruise the site and see some of the services we offer.

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