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Client Spotlight: Hydrant

Client Feature - Hydrant

Hydrant - Radically Simple, Effective Hydration. That’s All • New York, NY • Est. 2017

John Sherwin and Jai Kim founded Hydrant to solve an all-too-familiar problem: We were tired from all the pressure. Pressure to excel at our jobs, pressure to keep up with friends, the news, fit in exercise, healthy meals, eight hours of sleep and our laundry. The coffee cups and energy drinks were stacking up. We found ourselves wrecking our bodies just to get the job done.

An Oxford scientist and ex-McKinsey consultant, put their heads together to create a smarter pressure valve. By alleviating the fatigue that comes with chronic dehydration, our rapid hydration mix offers a healthier and more stable source of energy for all the people out there just like us — a way to start the day right, reset and keep trekking right through the onslaught.


The Founders: John Sherwin and Jai Kim

John Sherwin was a business development lead at Quartzy, a bio lab management website. He holds a BA in Biological Sciences from Oxford University. Check out his LinkedIn profile here:

Jai Kim started at McKinsey and Co as a business consultant. He was also an investment professional at Pear VC and various other equity firms. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a minor in Finance and International Business from the George Washington University. See more details on his LinkedIn page here:

How Hydrant Beats Its Competitors

Hydrant beats its competitors by balancing the level of water and electrolytes by following the World Health Organizations Oral Rehydration salts (ORS) formula; proven by the WHO to be as effective as an IV.

Informative articles on hydration:

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How Accountfully Helps

Accountfully helps team Hydrant focus on their business and acts as a strategic advisor with experience in many types of businesses. The founders agree that it has helped; “Outsourcing our accounting team allows us to take time that would be used on day to day bookkeeping and monthly closes to help build the business and grow. As well, their experience with a multitude of different companies has helped us tremendously as we grow.”

Hydrant Products

Rapid Hydration Plus Caffeine in Lemon and Orange.


A simple, morning hydration mix, optimized to hydrate and caffeinate you rapidly. The best way to start your day. Lightly flavored with real fruit juice = subtle, refreshing taste. 3x the electrolytes of a sports drink, with 80% less sugar. 100mg of caffeine from green tea and 200mg of L-Theanine gives you that extra boost!

Rapid Hydration Mix in Lime, Grapefruit, Blood Orange and Variety Pack options.


A simple, morning hydration mix, optimized to hydrate you rapidly. The best way to start your day. Lightly flavored with real fruit juice = subtle, refreshing taste. Nothing artificial. 3x the electrolytes of a sports drink, with 80% less sugar.

What’s Next for Hydrant

End of September we released our Hydrate Rapid Hydration Mix + Caffeine for those who want a healthier alternative to energy drinks or coffee.

We are now sold in Whole Foods Northeast, so if you are in the area check us out in person!

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Hydrant In The News

Hydrant in Forbes // Hydrant on Fox Business // Hydrant on CNN




Does the story of Hydrant sound similar to your business? Thinking it's time to see how outsourcing your accounting could free up your time to focus on growing versus bookkeeping?  Shoot us a message and tell us about you.  We would love to talk more and see how we can help. 

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