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Client Spotlight: Nectar Sunglasses


Nectar Sunglasses - Spend Less || Enjoy More • Charleston, SC • Est. 2012

Sean Holmes co-founded the company in 2012. The goal was to create a lifestyle brand around affordable eyewear to disrupt the notion that style and quality must come with a big ticket price. He fills us in on the key concepts surrounding his vision for the company below.

Featured Co-Founder: Sean Holmes

Sean says of Nectar’s beginnings, “I was attending VCU on a baseball scholarship and got the opportunity to move to Atlanta and work with a successful entrepreneur who taught me how to build and grow a business online. My first company was a high interval training workout program that did not make it past its first year. Ultimately, I learned so much from that experience and identified that I must do something that I was really passionate about. Nectar was a representation of all of the things I love to do - surf, skate, snowboard and travel."

What They Make & Why It’s Different

Nectar Sunglasses do not play by the rules. An ever-evolving brand comprised of a team of positive, free-spirited individuals, they offer reliable customer service and are one of the only eyewear brands to offer a lifetime warranty with each purchase.  Even the unique color combinations are a result of many late nights experimenting with design and style so the founders could learn the craft and refine Nectar’s unique brand.

Nectar's EuphoricHD polarized lenses also provide high quality protection at an affordable price. Each pair is hand made and have been designed by its founders.

All products are all polarized, affordably priced and backed with a lifetime warranty to ensure that buyers have the confidence to do things they love in them without the worry of losing or breaking them.

How Accountfully Helps

Accountfully took over the role of accounting for Nectar after they had experienced accounting challenges in the beginning. As a twenty- something year old entrepreneur, Sean knew this was an area he had limited experience in and pursued us as a strategic partner in the business.  He also needed a reliable, experienced team to keep the numbers dialed-in and up to date.  

Nectar in 2020

In 2020, Nectar will be launching a line of biodegradable products.  They are very excited to continue to be environmentally conscious as they grow.

Nectar + Bees - The Cause They Support

Nectar is always finding ways to give back to the planet. In addition to the biodegradable products getting ready to launch in 2020, they currently partner with The Bee Cause to help repopulate endangered honey bees in the United States.

For every purchase, Nectar donates a portion of their profits to this important program. The goal of The Bee Cause is to repopulate hives and educate children on the need for honeybees, which pollinate many of the foods we eat, in addition to the vital crops used to feed livestock. With this partnership, the bees are provided hives at schools across the country so they can connect with their natural environment and while educating children.

More on Nectar

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If this business scenario is sounding a tad familiar, let's talk more about your business and see how we can help.  Outsourced accounting may just be the next best step for you too.

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