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Client Spotlight: We Are Rosie

Instant Marketing Excellence, Powered by People • Established 2018 • Atlanta, GA

Stephanie Nadi Olson founded We Are Rosie in 2018 after spending over a decade in media sales. Her goal? Put diversity back into the industry and match great talent to great companies. Needless to say, they are killing it. Stephanie has some big awards to her name, and We Are Rosie was recently referred to as “The Future of Advertising''.

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The company provides modern talent strategies for brands and ad agencies looking for flexible, expert, project-based talent across all marketing specialties. We Are Rosie serves as an enabler to connect people who want to work independently in marketing with top notch marketing teams seeking flexible talent.

The Inspiration

Stephanie started the company after her 10-plus year career in advertising. She was frustrated by the lack of diversity in the industry and was driven by the belief that there is a more inclusive way to do business. She gained much of her inspiration from her work with refugees, both in and out of the corporate environment. As a young mother with a career and also as a daughter of an immigrant refugee, she knew what it felt like to be overlooked and marginalized. She has worked closely with many big brands and agencies her entire career, so she has a unique, experienced view of classic industry practices and the timely need for transformation.

How The Industry Is Being Changed

We Are Rosie changes the dynamic of the marketing industry by putting the focus back on inclusion from the top down. Stephanie has successfully created a human-centered approach that celebrates diversity and facilitates happiness, while ensuring that her company maintains integrity and authenticity every step of the way.

The Founder: Stephanie Nadi Olson

Stephanie is a Palestinian American, daughter of a refugee and a former advertising executive that worked 13 years in sales. She has extensive advertising experience and has brought unique solutions and successes to many notable multinational brands like Bank of America, Disney, Home Depot, Coke and Toyota.

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Stephanie is based in Atlanta, GA where she resides with her husband, two young daughters, and their dog, Chris.

Founder Accolades

In 2019, Stephanie was awarded the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year, by American Business Awards, aka the Stevie Awards. She was also given the 2020 World Changing Women title by Conscious Co.

How The Company Is Different

The core mission behind We Are Rosie is to create more and better opportunities for marketing talent seeking independence, flexibility and dignity in their work lives. Flexibility, inclusivity and equality is the modern workforce, and everything the company does reflects these values. With the “future of work” happening now, the rise of independent marketing talent will continue to increase and shape the workforce as we know it. We Are Rosie believes that diversity is key to a better workplace, and the ability for brands and agencies to hire flexible talent and teams increases the opportunities for marginalized groups.

Bringing in and Keeping Top Notch Talent

This very mission allows the company to attract world-class talent including former Fortune 500 CMO's, PR, Events, Strategy, and Media talents — a community of marketing freelancers 3,000 strong. The network of brands have followed suit. Brand and agency partners have proven to love this model too; the company has a 100% client retention rate. We Are Rosie works with 25 Fortune 500 companies and the big six advertising agency holding companies.


Facilitating the Future of Work - Happy People Do Better Work

The company provides a working environment that facilitates dignity and respect to those who have chosen or have a need to work flexibly (90% of Rosies worked on remote jobs in 2019). After all, happy people do better work!

We Are Rosie is a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council bootstrapped startup (aka started with little or no cash investment) with seven full time employees to maintain integrity and authenticity. The full time team is empowered to work remotely and We Are Rosie taps into their network of freelance marketing consultants to support their team when they need niche help.

How Accountfully Helps

Founder, Stephanie says of engaging Accountfully for: “Outsourcing our accounting has allowed us to have more time to focus on our core business. Having a team that understands our business model is key and helps us to make informed decisions on our financial future.”

More Notable Happenings in the We Are Rosie World

In 2019, Stephanie and the We Are Rosie team broke status quo norms by beginning to offer their community of independent consultants access to healthcare benefits, 401K and weekly pay.

At the 2019 3% Conference, famed advertising veteran Cindy Gallop called We Are Rosie “the future of advertising.”

We Are Rosie in the News

We are Rosie has been featured in Business Insider and Forbes.

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