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Client Spotlight: White Leaf Provisions

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White Leaf Provisions - Organics ElevatedTM • Mount Pleasant, SC • Est. 2016

When founders, Meghan and Keith Rowe had their son, Keegan, it focused their awareness to the ingredients of the food they were feeding him and its source. What was the impact of the farming of those ingredients, and how would this impact Keegan’s future world? From then on, the two set out to find the purest ingredients that are farmed in a responsible and regenerative manner.

The Founders: Keith and Meghan Rowe

Keith is a former professional executive chef and because of his background, he's been able to understand food costs, ordering and recipe development which has allowed the company to keep the team small and lean.



Meghan is a former professional photographer and small business owner. She grew up the daughter of a serial entrepreneur so she learned early on about startups. Her parents at one point had a CPG foods business that sold to a large national brand when she was in high school.

The Problem They Strive to Solve

Today’s degenerative farming methods increasingly employ the use of toxic herbicides, killing biodiversity and vital soil nutrients, resulting in the use of more GMO crops. Modern day parents desire purity past the typical organic and non-GMO standards. They want to ensure farming promotes the healing of the planet for their children.

What They Make

They produce a wide range of award winning, certified Biodynamic® organic products for families that want the best for their children and the planet. Certified Biodynamic® foods are grown and manufactured under strict standards that go above and beyond the highest organic certification. It is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition. Biodynamic® farming is the gold standard of regenerative agriculture.


Products available now are Biodynamic® baby foods, Apple + Pear sauce, Applesauce + Cinnamon and Oats. All of White Leaf’s shelf-stable products go above and beyond the highest Organic standards set forth by the USDA in terms of purity, transparency and accountability as well as help heal the Earth through its regenerative agriculture processes. Their simple and delicious Biodynamic Organic products are first-to-market in many of the product categories that they have entered.

How Accountfully Helps

Accountfully helped White Leaf Provisions build a strong financial foundation and understands the intricacies of the food entrepreneur world. Having up to date financials and a team to translate the books and advise White Leaf’s leadership, means they have the information to be marketable to and transparent with investors.

“Accounting is not Keith or my strong suit ... we knew early on that we wanted to have the foundation built for our business and bring in an outsourced accounting team. From my experience of owning my own photography business, this was an asset that I had with a freelance bookkeeper helping me. When I discovered Accountfully, their clients were in a similar space as White Leaf and I knew it would be ideal to employ them to get our books in order. Especially if you are taking on outside investors, it’s peace of mind for all parties involved,” Meghan Rowe, Co Founder and CEO of White Leaf Provisions.

What’s Next for White Leaf Provisions

The company has already begun to explore and launch many first to market products across multiple categories showcasing gorgeous regeneratively farmed products that have been farmed in a way that helps to heal the Earth.

Founders, Keith and Meghan say: “Stay tuned as we continue to grow! We have a few new products that are going to be launching in the coming months along with some great retail partners coming on board!”

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