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Cloud-Based Bookkeeping and Accounting: Zenefits

Small business owners have limited time and resources, which is why they shouldn’t waste either on cookie-cutter software solutions that don’t react, can’t evolve, and aren’t flexible enough to meet their needs. If you are thinking about cloud-based bookkeeping, it's important to familiarize yourself with the additional systems that can simplify your entire business.


Bringing on a new employee is a sign your business is prosperous and growing. It’s also a sign that you’re probably a little bit swamped, which in business owner speak means, onboarding your new hire is probably the last thing you have time for. Sound familiar? Don’t worry.

Processing payroll by hand is a time-consuming and error-prone process that most business owners dread. To free up time for you and your staff to dive into value-adding and revenue-generating work, we recommend you consider Zenefits.

Zenefits lets you easily manage and automate all of your day-to-day payroll tasks in minutes. It not only helps business owners onboard new employees by gathering the data needed to add them to payroll, Zenefits also helps you automatically set up payroll deductions for all employee benefits.


It’s a powerful app that communicates with most payroll systems, which means you only have make changes in one place rather than across multiple platforms. And once your employee is all set up for payroll, you can do things like set up their health insurance plans and 401ks.

Eliminate time-consuming administration and take advantage of a tool that will save you energy, money and headaches. Wonder if your business is ready for something like Zenefits?

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