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Join Us For CPG Financing Month

CPG Financing Month

February 6–29th, 2024

Join host Keith Kohler, the Financing Man as he shares important insight into the world of CPG Financing. This month-long focus offers access to 12 dynamic conversations with other industry professionals. Each session is geared toward offering advice and tools to navigate your way to success as a CPG founder. Align mind, actions and goals to achieve the outcome you seek.

Hosted by Keith Kohler

Keith is a go-to expert when it comes to aligning small/startup CPG business owners with the right type of funding at the right time. He will be driving the conversations between each industry professional to ensure clear takeaways and action items are addressed. To learn more about Keith and the Financing Man, check out our two-part podcast on financing.

Three Major Themes

Each discussion will touch upon three overall themes across the month, including:

  1. Your Financing Journey
  2. Stories, Insights and Experiences
  3. "How I Financed It"–stories of gaining cash at various business stages

Twelve Conversations

Over thirty speakers will touch upon industry-relevant topics, including:

  • Equity and debt options at every stage
  • The mindset journey
  • Equity
  • Traditional debt
  • Fintech and funds
  • CPG communities
  • Alternative financing and innovators in the CPG space
  • Real-world stories of how founders received funding at various stages; from early stage to breakeven/profitable

Over 30 Industry Experts are Speakers

Over thirty speakers will share their perspectives on these subjects. Speakers range from community builders to founders, to industry service providers. Each will share their unique insight into how to gain traction as a CPG business and get started on the pathway to success. View the full schedule and speaker list, here.

Simple Format

Every discussion is held from 2:00–3PM Eastern, with optional activities until 3:30PM. Small, digestible conversations that are insightful and engaging.

How to Join

As an Accountfully referral, you can earn a discount on your tuition. Use code BEBE at checkout for 25% off. You can learn more and book your seat here.

Accountfully + Keith Discuss Your Finance Team on Feb 28th

Accountfully's CEO and Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh will discuss the inner-workings of the CPG Finance team on February 28th at 2pm Eastern.

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