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How to Measure KPIs

Small business owners have limited time and resources, which is why they shouldn’t waste either on cookie-cutter software solutions that don’t react, can’t evolve, and aren’t flexible enough to meet their needs. This monthly series will share tools that entrepreneurs can use to streamline their business and improve productivity.

We recently shot a video with our friends at The New Primal for Fathom, a financial analysis and management reporting tool which helps assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities.

When The New Primal told us they were looking to identify and eliminate poorly performing product, we introduced them to Fathom and integrated it with their QuickBooks Online. Fathom created beautiful reports that gave them valuable insight into how specific products were performing. It empowered them to make choices and explore new opportunities. Ultimately, it helped them grow their business.

Fathom is a tool that helps business owners make better business decisions. Today The New Primal uses it to create reports and dashboards, gain deeper insights, and improve profit, cash and business value.

The New Primal Fathom
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