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The new year is upon us and for many business owners that means reevaluating how to operate a business. Will it be a year of growth? A year of scaling back? Time to buy that larger office? Hire that bad ass account executive?

Regardless of your 2019 goals and aspirations, it’s a time for reflection and assessment. What better way to do that then working with a team of financial experts that can help you make a new year financial game plan. Accountfully’s team of bookkeepers and accountants helps business owners establish and set realistic goals that will have a meaningful impact on their business. More importantly, the Accountfully team helps clients monitor goal progress throughout the year. Even if they fall off the wagon with their other ‘new year new me’ resolutions, we will keep them on the straight and narrow when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting.

Here are a couple ways we keep business owners in check throughout the year.

Organized and Ready To Go

Accountfully helps clients deal with pending receivables and navigate collection issues. For business owners, nothing is more frustrating than delayed payments for completed work. For bookkeepers and accountants, nothing is more frustrating than a client with an overly complex invoicing process. A new year is a great opportunity to implement new internal processes that simplify necessary business operations like

Rules Rules Rules

Ever hear about the employer who forgot to get their new employee’s personal information? No? Well, they lost time manually filing a corrected W-2 form. Don’t let this be you–work with an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting team that is always looking ahead and thinking about ways to create internal efficiencies. Work with a team that knows each new employee needs to provide their full name, address, and social security number when they start.

Accountfully has endless best practice policies and processes they help clients adopt. (And while we’re on the topic of employees—don’t forget about your 1099 contractors. Make it your practice to have them fill out a W9 before you pay them for the first time.) We love rules. We love making them and enforcing them—which is why we are more than happy to help clients who have broken internal systems and are struggling to create efficiencies.

As a business owner, the best thing you can do is partner with a team that will support you and help you make smart decisions that will grow your business and prepare you for a successful 2019. Being a business owner this time of year is hard enough, delegate things outside your skillset and focus on what got you to jump into entrepreneurship to begin with.

Accountfully is an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting firm headquartered in Charleston, SC. With an additional office in Nashville, TN, we serve modern brands and businesses across the country. From pre funded startups to multi-million dollar companies, our clients are visionaries across all industries.

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