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Making Cents: Accountfully's Livestream Series

Making Cents: Accountfully's Livestream Series

It is no secret. Accountfully is big on offering a host of accounting and small business resources for free.  One visit to our blog, or the resources page opens up a world of how-to’s spotlighting guidance on subjects from business inception to growth.  So what could we possibly offer that isn’t available already?  Livestream.   This is not your typical social media livestream; this is an off-the-cuff accounting and business advice session, recorded as soon as we get asked the questions.  Here are the details, so you can take advantage of this newly added resource.

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A Helpful and Engaging Livestream FAQ Series

Each Friday, we post a “Friday FAQ” across social media channels with links to supporting documents and articles, but Making Cents is like having Accountfully on a video call.  (That is your cue to follow us on all of our accounts)

So what is it called?  Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to Introduce Making Cents.   This is your newest video library of accounting and business advice.  We answer the real world questions asked by those who live the small business grind.  Answers will be regularly streamed live across all of our social media platforms.  Recordings of each answer will be made available for viewing on our blog, website, and on social media.  

Accountfully’s Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh will be your host and address these questions, but we will bring in other Accountfully subject matter experts as we see fit.  

How to Take Advantage of This Resource

If you are interested in finding an answer to your questions, start by sending us a direct message through Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.  We will address each question through our live broadcast on social media, and will be broadcasting live across all of the major players; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, so make sure you are following us and subscribe to our channel for updates.

Subjects Discussed

Making Cents aims to make sense of your accounting queries.  We will address questions surrounding all types of businesses; from inventory/product based, to service based, to start ups, and more.  This is your chance to tap into the expertise Accountfully offers, so take advantage of it.  Chances are, we can help guide you to a solution, or at least direct you to the best next steps in finding one.

We hope this newest addition to the resources library will serve as a helpful and engaging tool, and look forward to reaching and helping even more small business owners out there.

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