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Partner Spotlight: Foodbevy

Partner Spotlight:  Foodbevy

When supporting client companies across many industries, we have the pleasure of collaborating with and discovering many influential and inspiring companies, concepts, and people.  Outsourced accounting is a large part of a company’s framework for success. Still, it is not the only avenue that can be leveraged by a business seeking scalable services in line with growth.  

Industry partners are a pivotal part of supporting businesses in all areas and we are here to highlight a few of the more inspiring and helpful ones.  What better way than to dive into one of the most helpful communities for all things consumer packaged goods–Foodbevy?

Foodbevy is the bevy to dip into when you need advice, resources, and inspiration as a founder (or founder-hopeful) in the CPG world.  Let’s learn more about this unique resource hub and its creator, Jordan Buckner, and how it helps the CPG industry as a whole. 

Story/ background of the brand:

When it comes to starting a CPG brand, Jordan Buckner has seen it all. While running his own CPG business, TeaSquares for six years, he experienced firsthand the ups and downs of growing a company, from breaking into new retailers to navigating operational challenges. To help other founders along the way, he started Foodbevy, which offers community and guidance to make those twists and turns easier to navigate.

Background of the founder:

Jordan Buckner is on a mission to help food and beverage companies build successful businesses, and launched to create a pipeline for companies to grow from startup to scale by reducing the resource and network gaps. Jordan previously co-founded TeaSquares, a line of superfood energy bars designed to help people stay focused and alert so they could achieve their passions.

Jordan is a Chobani Incubator graduate and was named Forbes 30 Under 30–Food and Drink in 2018 for his achievements as a cofounder of Tea Squares.

What services does Foodbevy provide?

Jordan wants CPG founders to feel supported throughout their startup journey. That’s why Foodbevy was designed to offer them the best tools, resources, and connections, which include: 

  • A virtual Slack community where founders can ask questions, commiserate, and get support and inspiration from one another.
  • A directory of over 4,000 industry partners; from ingredient sourcing to manufacturers to investors.
  • Bi-Weekly Mastermind groups where founders can share their successes and problems to get support from other founders.
  • A concierge to surface the resources that are most relevant to founders’ problems.

What makes Foodbevy stand out from others in the industry?

Foodbevy is part of a large ecosystem of people and companies who are on a mission to help emerging food and beverage founders succeed. Jordan personally gets to know all the Foodbevy members to help identify unique challenges and direct them to resources or partners who can help solve their problems.

How does Foodbevy support/help the industry?

Foodbevy takes a collaborative approach and believes that the entire industry benefits when we can work together. In that way, Jordan partners with other seemingly competitive companies to expand their reach.

Accountfully recently partnered with Foodbevy to discuss ways to increase margins and areas to address as a CPG founder selling through multiple channels:

New and exciting services/events on the radar:

Foodbevy just launched Founders Circle, small group mastermind sessions to connect founders in groups of four to discuss successes and challenges in business. These groups help founders find the support they need on this wild rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

What advice can you offer business owners to set themselves up for success from the beginning?

Jordan summarizes it best:

“I used to believe that the key to success was beginning with the end in mind. While that's still true, I realized that the founders who are most likely to reach that end focus on creating a journey where they can enjoy every week of running their business. If you don't enjoy the day-to-day, then it's hard to keep going when things get tough.”

How should prospective clients contact you if they are interested in your services?

Reach out at or email Jordan at

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