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Simplify Your Bookkeeping with Cloud-Based Systems


Meet Stewart. He’s our entrepreneurial friend who owns a web-design agency. He’s successful, he works hard, and his business is growing. Unfortunately, Stewart is also his own accountant, which means he struggles to find a balance between bookkeeping and running a company. Like many business owners, Stewart makes novice accounting mistakes due to his lack of expertise in the field.

The Problem: The good news is Stewart’s business is doing so well that it has outgrown the current space. He’s found a bigger, better office for his team, but he’s struggling to apply for a business loan because he can’t gather all of the necessary financial statements. They are unfortunately all over the place—in multiple shoeboxes, cabinets, or just missing altogether.

Solution: When growing a business, real-time access to financial documents is a necessity. You don’t need to understand every number on every balance sheet, but you should know where to find them.

Get rid of those dense, confusing spreadsheets that just fill up file cabinets. With cloud-based accounting systems, we create a bookkeeping experience that works for you, not against you. It provides the flexibility to access financials from anywhere and makes things like applying for a business loan a painless process.

Our software gives clients the power to control and monitor their own financial documents. Once we establish that platform, we then build in strategic meeting time to review those financials and thus forecast and provide objective guidance on important business decisions. As your accounting team, we guide you through the clutter to find the information you need and then advise you on the decisions that make a difference.

Even though Stewart’s business is doing well, his growth potential is limited by his unorganized and complicated filing system. Don’t be like Stewart. Work with an accountant who will help lead you through a complicated accounting landscape so you can focus on what’s important—growing your business.  Tell us about your business.  We are here to help find the right solution for you.

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