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One of the most common things we hear when talking to business owners is that their bookkeeping and accounting is a mess but they don’t need any help with taxes because they have a CPA who handles it (insert accountant cringe). Dear business owner, don’t let this be you—be smarter and more strategic when it comes to taxes and tax strategy. Leverage your team of bookkeeping and accounting experts, the ones who know your finances inside and out. They are the ones doing the work on a regular basis, the ones available to you when you call with random questions and hypothetical situations, the ones who will talk you down if you're stressed about tax obligations and filing deadlines.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

At Accountfully, we believe in being a proactive part of your team—especially when it comes to taxes. Here are four ways working with your bookkeeping and accounting team can simplify the tax filing process and save you time and money:

  • We Know Your Business:Unlike a CPA who is only in your books a few times a year, we are in the weeds on a regular basis. As such, we can look for trends and keep an eye out for opportunities that will allow the business to grow strategically.
  • We Stand By Our Work: We stand by the work we do. If our tax team has a question, they ping the accountant who did the work. There is no ‘waiting to hear back’ from someone not part of our internal team.
  • We Are Your Team: We aren’t charging you by the minute or the email. We have a collaborative relationship with our clients and believe in business owner education. We take the time to walk you through our thought process and plans.
  • We Save You Money: Our proactive approach to taxes means we don’t have to charge you at the end of the year for hours and hours of annual review. We’re talking about taxes and tax strategy throughout the year to stay current with where the business is and how the business is changing.

Accountfully will always support its clients and work collaboratively with third-party CPAs when it is appropriate and in the business owners’ best interest. That being said, we encourage business owners to think about the strategic ways they can leverage the team that knows their books the best.

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Our newly released tax strategy packages are meant to help business owners maximize their deductions and take advantage of the new tax laws. Want to learn more?

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