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The Benefits of Cloud Accounting: 3 Reasons Everyone's Doing It

Business owners and entrepreneurs are fast to adopt new technologies that simplify the way they run their businesses. But for many, their bookkeeping and accounting practices lag behind the rest of more streamlined practices. The days of printed receipts and file cabinets are gone—today’s modern business owners and entrepreneurs are leveraging the cloud to run their businesses remotely and paper free. The benefits of cloud accounting are endless, but here are three reasons why business owners should adopt cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting.


More Reliable

Cloud accounting gives business owners access to real-time financials. At Accountfully, we proactively manage our clients’ books to make sure that when they log in to their QuickBooks Online account, they can get a high level view of their financials. Unlike a traditional bookkeeper that comes by the office once a month to get everything caught up, Accountfully works throughout the month to make sure clients have timely and accurate financials. This is especially important for startup founders or food entrepreneurs who might be raising capital and need to up-to-date reports that are ready to go for last minute pitches.


Accountfully assists business owners by simplifying their bookkeeping and accounting procedures. One of the ways we do this is by helping them adopt cloud-based systems like Expensify to eliminate the need to stockpile paper receipts. Cloud-based bookkeeping makes running a business smoother. Business owners can enter receipts, approve bills, and review their cash flow from their phone or laptop. Today’s modern business owner is on the go and can’t afford to run their business from behind a desk.

On Trend

Paper billing and writing checks is on the way out. Our clients and our clients’ clients are paying bills online and processing payroll from their phones. Don’t fall behind the times and make getting paid an inconvenience. With every aspect of your business, It’s important to keep up with industry standards. Don’t frustrate a potential client by telling them you don’t accept online bill payments. Make it easier for them to pay you and for you to get paid.

Accountfully’s team of CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers use cloud-based bookkeeping systems to help their clients mature and grow. With offices in Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN, Accountfully serves clients across the country. Looking to learn more about outsourced bookkeeping and accounting solutions? Take a look at our guide.

Want to see if you're reaping all the benefits of cloud accounting? We're happy to give you a complimentary financial review.

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