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Understanding the Tax Cuts and Job Act Law

Accountfully recently released new tax planning and strategy packages for clients who want to maximize their deductions and simplify the tax filing process. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Law that passed in December 2017, this is an especially important year to be working closely with a team of experts that can help business owners navigate the many tax law changes.


We put together three ways Accountfully can serve as a strategic partner and help business owners with their tax liabilities and tax strategy:

  1. Tax Law Analysis: Our tax team takes advantage of every new tax deduction that a business qualifies for. There are too many caveats and exceptions for a business owner to sort through and Accountfully will make sure that we tailor our tax planning package to your specific industry. We are well-versed in the tax law changes and find ways to save our clients money.  In summary, we are making sure that you aren’t leaving one single penny on the table.

  2. Quarterly Review of Income: We review income on a quarterly basis to make sure our clients are making appropriate quarterly payments to the IRS. To have them avoid fees and penalties, we make recommendations and adjust their payments up or down depending on their income.

  3. In-Depth Federal and State Tax Credit Analysis:  The IRS has quite a few industry specific tax deductions and credits that are often overlooked. Each state has even more deductions and credits that have to be sifted through year after year. State returns are going to get even more complicated now that the Supreme Court is allow state to require online sellers to collect state sales tax on their sales.

Business owners tend to be so focused on filing their tax returns that they often forget about the strategy behind the filing. It’s important to work with a team of tax experts that will be proactive and help you think about what’s ahead, not what’s happened. Our tax team helps business owners understand the ways they can maximize their deductions and make strategic decisions that will affect the outcome of their return.

Quarterly Tax Planning Packages

Consider investing in a strategic, proactive tax package that will set your business up for success. Ready to learn more?

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