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Why Low-cost Bookkeepers Tend To Be More Expensive

You hired your neighbor’s aunt to manage your books because she’s inexpensive. She comes by the office once a month and assures you everything is fine. You suspect it might not be fine but never seem to have time to do anything about it.


Almost every small business goes through a cheap bookkeeper phase. Few founders feel great about the relationship (even in the beginning stages) but move forward out of perceived necessity. No longer able to personally manage payroll, quarterly taxes and invoices yet not quite ready to invest in accredited representation, they split the difference with a low-cost bookkeeper.

Low-cost bookkeepers typically use outdated, inefficient systems that can’t meet your business needs. This, paired with their lack of expertise, creates a fragile system that can collapse and leave your business vulnerable and financially unstable.

It should also be noted that “bookkeeping” is not a synonym for “accounting.” The former is really just about maintaining records while the latter refers to a rigorous process of financial management. Most so-called bookkeepers do exactly what their title suggests – passively log information and maintain a record of transactions. For most growing companies, that’s not nearly good enough.

Outsourced accounting teams have experience in systems and process improvements that can offer solutions to fit the needs of your unique business. Unlike bookkeepers that spend hours on a single task or report, we leverage a team of experts to tackle the full spectrum of your needs. By introducing efficiency, outsourced accounting teams can provide premium services at affordable monthly rates.

The Time Is Now.

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t matter where your agency is in its growth curve.

At Accountfully, no two clients are the same and we recognize that needs change over time. That’s why we work with businesses to address their immediate needs and to plan for future growth. We do this through a tailored blend of financial expertise and smart task execution that can’t be found with traditional accounting models.

We do the day-to-day work of professional accounting and bookkeeping while also serving as a strategic partner that helps our clients navigate complex financial challenges and opportunities.

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Accountfully offers outsourced accounting services nationwide, with offices in Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN.  If you would like to see how outsourcing your accounting can work for you, tell us about your business and we will gladly schedule a chat to discuss more.

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