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Your Traditional Accounting Firm Isn't a Good Match

You proactively turned to a traditional accounting firm; unfortunately it hasn’t been the relationship you imagined. They won’t return your calls and you’ve started daydreaming about what else is out there. Tax season is rapidly approaching and you’ve started to panic.


Frustrated with the low-cost bookkeeper and long past the stage where they could manage the business’ finances themselves, many founders have opted for the traditional tax and accounting firm. And sometimes these relationships are fine. But in many cases, designers and developers discover that their accountants have no experience with the creative industry and bring little strategic insight to the process. Moreover, they find themselves prioritized according to revenue and rarely see the CPA they assumed would represent them.

It’s important to recognize that necessary day-to-day accounting is not a CPA’s specialty. Moreover, they don’t typically have a team that can provide the level of support you need, which in turn limits the ways they can advise you on strategic issues and prevents you from gaining real-time access to your financials.

One of the most common requests we get from our clients is that they want real-time access to their most current financials. As business owners, you should have updated financials weekly (at a minimum) and all-the-time access to your information.
We use software that gives clients the power to control and monitor their own financials. In addition, we believe it’s important to build in strategic meeting time to review financials, forecast and provide objective guidance on important business decisions. As your accounting team, we guide you through the information you’re looking at and can advise you on the decisions you’d like to make.

We provide a lot more bang for your buck...just ask our current clients and they will tell you.

The Time Is Now.

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t matter where your agency is in its growth curve – managing its money doesn’t have to suck.

At Accountfully, no two clients are the same and we recognize that needs change over time. That’s why we work with businesses to address their immediate needs and to plan for future growth. We do this through a tailored blend of financial expertise and smart task execution that can’t be found with traditional accounting models.

We do the day-to-day work of professional accounting and bookkeeping while also serving as a strategic partner that helps our clients navigate com- plex financial challenges and opportunities.

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