The Month End Podcast

For the aspiring inventory based business owner looking for inspiration and knowledge from successful peers in the industry, you are in the right place. Welcome to The Month End, a CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) community chat.

The Month End provides emerging inventory based brands real life knowledge in the accounting, finance, and operational world. Our guests are not only similar brand founders and owners, but key stakeholders and contributors to the industry. Each episode provides a glimpse into the vast experience and insight from its guest’s unique background in a casual, conversational tone.



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Episode Nine: Ibraheem Basir • A Dozen Cousins

A Dozen Cousins founder, Ibraheem grew up in Brooklyn in a big family (hence the name) and wanted to combine two important elements into one product; take the joy of the eclectic multicultural flavors he experienced eating with his family, and turn it into a convenient, healthy food option. Ready-to-eat beans became the right option because of their ability to combine the elements of "taste, health, and culture". It was also an untapped market in the food world. Basir takes us on the journey of his growing empire and outlines the strategic, yet methodical thought processes that have allowed him to realize his business goals.


Episode Eight: Vanessa Pham • Omsom

Vanessa Pham is the CEO and Co-Founder of Omsom, an Asian food starter company (similar to a simmer sauce or taco seasoning, but way cooler) dedicated to honoring the communities the food represents. She takes us through the journey of being so successful, despite the fact that they launched at the height of COVID in May, 2020. Vanessa shares tips from each manager hat she wears in the company; from ops, to manufacturing, and more.


Episode Seven: George Milton • Yellowbird Foods

Yellowbird Foods CEO, George Milton heads a spicy condiment company based in Austin, Texas. They started in 2012 when George and his partner Erin made hot sauce in their kitchen, hoping to create a product inline with their clean eating habits. Today, Yellowbird is one of the best-selling hot sauces in natural grocers in the US. Join us, as George takes us through the ups and downs, and the lessons learned along the way - from Austin musician, to hot sauce mogul.


Episode Six: Keeley Tillotson • Wild Friends Foods

Keeley Tillotson, Co-Founder of Wild Friends, a nut and seed butter company shares her story from aspiring college entrepreneur, to successful food biz mogul. You won't want to miss some of her unique insight on areas to focus on and ways to know if your product is even worth selling.


Epidode Five: Meghan Rowe • White Leaf Provisions

Meghan Rowe is the CEO and co-founder of White Leaf Provisions, a family run Biodynamic baby food business that she co-founded with her husband Keith. After having their son, they searched the aisles of grocery stores for Biodynamic baby food and could not find it in the US. That started them on their journey to create White Leaf, the first Biodynamic baby food line in the United States.


Episode Four: Kyle Koehler • Wildway

In episode four, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with Wildway's co-founder, Kyle Koehler. Wildway is a paleo-style granola company based in San Antonio, Texas. Kyle shares tips on the creation of his own business, details on manufacturing for Wildway in house, and background on how he navigates providing these services for other brands.


Episode Three: Chris Crowe • Recess

Recess Head of Finance and Administration, Chris Crowe runs all things finance and administrative at Recess; a hemp-infused sparkling water with adaptogens. Prior to Recess, he worked for Procter & Gamble and also worked in the wine industry, at Heineken, and for five different startups. With his background in both beverage companies and startups, he was a natural fit for Recess. Learn which system he "can't recommend enough", who you need to foster lasting relationships with, and which areas you must know inside and out to avoid business delays.


Episode Two: Molly Fienning • Red Clay Hot Sauce

Molly started her entrepreneurship journey with the company, Babiators. There she was the CMO, where she spoke to the consumer, helped find their tribe, and helped develop the brand’s voice, look, and feel. With Red Clay Hot Sauce, she wears all of the CEO hats that she did not have to wear at Babiators. It has been a huge growth opportunity for her on the finance, operations, and team management side of the business. Molly shares her insight surrounding how she manages wearing all of those new CEO hats.


Episode One: Jason Burke • The New Primal

This is our debut interview with the client that put Accountfully on the inventory based business map. Learn from Jason's unique insight going from making homemade jerky to give to his co-workers to becoming the number one BBQ sauce at Whole Foods.