Episode 25

Episode 25: Adam Kost • Country Luau

Episode Overview

“It's kind of like the Snoop Dogg quote. You know, "I got my mind on my margins and my margins on my mind."

In episode twenty-five, Accountfully's CEO and Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh, sits down with Adam Kost of Country Luau to talk about his line of hard seltzers inspired by the laid-back vibes of Texas Gulf coast beach parties. Coming from a background in the big beverage world of brands like Heineken, Waterloo, and working on campaigns like The Most Interesting Man in the World, Adam wanted to create a hard beverage company that gave back and paid homage to the music scene of his hometown in Austin, TX. Country Luau embodies both with its foundation, Mixed For Music, and provides a beverage that fits into any beach or backyard get-together.


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