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Steve Richo and Mark O'Shea • Noise New Media

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"That is just like one of the most important things you could have in a business–what is an hour of my time worth, and then you can basically apply that to just about anything other section of your reporting, and you have a lot of answers revealed"

Noise New Media launched back in 2008, when MySpace ruled the social media scene and iTunes and old school record stores coexisted. Talented musician and marketing whizz, Mark O'Shea and IT tech pro Steve Richo decided to enter the world of musician marketing and the Nashville based company was born. Almost fifteen years later, they have changed their business focus and pricing model, added a new location, survived and thrived through the economic slump of 2008, a pandemic, and are entering a world of growth and profitability. We chatted with Team Noise New, and learned how outsourced accounting and a new take on their numbers helped them fine tune their business. Let's learn more about this cool media team and see how the lessons learned made them the thriving business they are today.


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