Twenty Three

Episode 23:  Grant Christopher • Bridge Finance Group

Episode Overview

"I would rather be partnered or on the equity side investing in a company that's deep and narrow within their market, as opposed to shallow and thick."

The Month End provides emerging inventory-based brands real life knowledge in the accounting, finance, and operational world. Our guests are not only similar brand founders and owners, but key stakeholders and contributors to the industry. Each episode provides a glimpse into the vast experience and insight from its guest’s unique background in a casual, conversational tone.

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In episode twenty three, Accountfully's CEO and Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh, sits down with Grant Christopher of Bridge Finance Group to talk about financing for early-stage, high growth CPG companies.  The company was founded after Grant and his brother saw a need for equipment financing and leasing without the classic constraints.  This is a must watch for founders seeking capital in order to grow, and in search of a knowledgeable partner in the industry.


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